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The SRC would like to sincerely thank the 14 students and staff member who participated in the 40 Hour Famine Project from home. Collectively $422.00 was raised by this group. We conducted our ‘Go without Day’ on the 26th August, and raised $305.80 by allowing students to wear casual clothes for $2. An additional donation box was also circulated on the day. 

During SRC class meetings conducted earlier in the term each class elected to ‘go without’ an item or activity as their way of supporting and making a stand for global hunger.

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The SRC have elected to have a Casual Clothes Day this Friday 26th August. The cost of the day is $2 which will go towards Maitland Area School contribution to the 40 Hour Famine Project for 2016. 

Each class has elected to ‘Go Without’ an item or activity as their way to make a stand on global hunger. SRC Reps will also be circulating donation boxes for anyone wanting to give extra funds on this day.

This year funds raised will help support projects in countries such as Bangladesh, East Timor, Malawi and Nepal. These funds will help provide programs including improving the health of children under five through nutrition training for parents, increasing access to child health and providing immunisation services.

We would also like to thank students who have nominated to participate in the official 40 Hour Famine project from home. This can be undertaken until September 5.


Brainstorm Productions performed two shows at school on May 2 in the PAC.
The first show, 'Verbal Combat', aimed to address some of the issues around Cyber Bullying, using a contemporary story performed by two very talented young actors. 
The show certainly had our Year 8-12 students enthralled with a poignant soundtrack, lightning fast costume changes and  realistic character portrayal. Following the show, the actors discussed some of the issues, responses and characters involved. Scan the QR code for more info.
The second show, 'The H Team', was aimed at  the Primary Classes and focused on giving students the knowledge, confidence and resilience to help combat negative feelings and behaviours.
Once again the actors swapped parts constantly, involved students in songs and actions and bought home the message that critical thinking is an important skill that can help us 'outsmart the media, the junk food giants, the advertising gurus and the bullies to create a healthy harmonious school community'. The primary students had lots of questions to ask and at the conclusion and the actors also offered advice on how to learn lines for our own musical.
Congratulations to all students for their terrific audience skills and to Brainstorm Production for these brilliant shows.

The official Term 2 SRC Fundraiser was held on Thursday June 26 with 'Hairlarious Day'. Students and teachers were encouraged to sport their best head of hair and gold-coin donations all went towards the Childhood Cancer Association.

There was lots of creativity on show from both young and old with dyeing, glitter, sculpting and some very interesting wigs (we KNOW it was a fake Mr Tuck!)

Congratulations to everyone for making the day so much fun. Thank you to all those (very) patient parents who twisted, tweaked and coloured their children's hair, your time and efforts were much appreciated.

Combined with the sausage sizzle and donut sales, this was an impressive community fundraiser which we can all be proud of.





Danceathon 2013 proved a huge success, with a packed Performing Arts Centre full of students, staff and parents. The students danced with energy, enthusiasm and confidence (both on and off stage) and the choreographed class dances were a true testament to the skills of our choreographers. Behaviour and involvement was excellent all round with the student Tech Crew ensuring everything went smoothly.

Class dances

Classes put on some very entertaining dances which showcased the abilities of both the students and choreographers. A big thank you to Miss Koch (Year 7), Mrs McLean (Year 5/6S), Mrs Davies (Year 5/6D), Mrs Derrington ((Reception, 3/4MD) and our special parent choreographer Mrs Linke (Year 1, Year 2).
Dances included evil clowns, Men In Black (and aliens), Transformers, birds and butterflies, break-dancers and rappers.

Special effects

Fundraising from previous Danceathons has meant the SRC has been able to purchase equipment for the PAC, and we were very excited to try out our new laser lights (making amazing patterns everywhere) and new low-level fog machine. The low level was the height of the fog, not the volume!

Thank you Miss Secomb

A big shout out to our recently transferred Junior School music teacher Vanessa Secomb; you would have been so proud of the students and the way they're continuing your danceathon legacy.

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