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DECD schools are required to promote and develop learning environments that are safe and supportive.  Students and staff may have anaphylactic (severe allergic) conditions that include nut allergies.  

This means that exposure at school may constitute a risk to their health and wellbeing. While it is not possible to guarantee that the school environment will be completely free of potential nut hazards, risks can be minimised by adhering within reasonable guidelines. Given this context, CYS is developing Nut Awareness Guidelines for our R-12 students.

CYS Nut allergy awareness guidelines


To raise the awareness of anaphylactic conditions for all members of the school community

To provide a safe school environment for all members of the school community


Are requested not to send foods along to school with their children that contain nuts. This includes products such as ‘Nutella’, Peanut Paste, all types of nuts, peanut cooking oil and other foods such as Muesli bars that may contain nuts

Will be informed of Central Yorke School’s Nut Awareness Guidelines at the commencement of each school year and reminders via the Newsletter and social media

Will provide the school with a Health Care Plan if their child has a serious allergy to nuts


Are advised not to share food from home

Are encouraged to wash hands before and after eating 


Will be made aware of students and colleagues who have anaphylactic responses to nut allergies

Will supervise students during lunch eating time and be vigilant with regards to these guidelines

Will participate in First Aid training to understand responses and procedures related to Anaphylaxis

Will ensure that food provided through the Canteen, Breakfast Club, for Fundraising purposes, on camps and within lessons, such as Home Ec, does not contain nuts


These guidelines will be shared with the Governing Council and Parents and Friends group

Information will be distributed via the school newsletter and social media

Staff will be informed annually at the start of the school year and as part of the induction process for new staff

New families to the school community will be informed via a copy of the guidelines in the enrolment package.

The school acknowledges that due to current food processing practices, it is impractical to eliminate nuts and nut products entirely from an environment where there is food.  The emphasis is therefore on raising awareness and adopting the reasonable procedures termed as “Nut Awareness”.


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