Maitland Area School

Maitland | Yorke Peninsula | South Australia

What a fantastic few weeks we have had at our Early Learning Centre. We had our first visit to the library last Thursday where we had some time to read and look at the lovely children’s books and we even got to borrow two books each. 

Loose Parts

Mel read us a great book about making things with ‘loose parts’! We loved this book as it showed that with loose parts and your imagination you can create wonderful things. If you have any loose parts we could use in play for building and creating please let us know.

Cooking time

We also used our cooking skills to make some zucchini burgers with the zucchinis we grew in our very own kindy garden. With Jo we peeled, chopped and grated the veggies and herbs. Thank you to Hunter’s Mum Lisa for donating parsley and chives from their home garden too. The kids weren’t so sure about them but the staff thought they were very tasty.

Mat & story time

We have also been having lots of fun mat times and story times where we have been learning lots of new things. We have been focusing on learning our daily routines with Oscar Organised, recognising our names and counting using songs and stories just to name a few. We have been learning how to listen by following the 5 L’s of listening – legs still, hands in our lap, lips closed, looking  at the person speaking and using our listening ears.


After lunch we have also been having relaxation time where we have been playing relaxing music and concentrating on deep breathing with bean bags on our bellies. 

Most importantly though we have been doing lots of playing!.


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