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News, views and information from Tim Tuck, the MAS Primary Coordinator.

Mr Salmon's Year 4 class worked with the YP Council on July 23 to plant over sixty trees along West Terrace, opposite the dam. Students were trained in digging appropriate sized holes, safely opening seedlings and the assembly of the windguards around each tree.

Working in pairs, the students were methodical and careful but also quite fast; the entire section of trees took just over 90 minutes. 

Thank you to the YP council for training and to Peninsula Toyota for their sponsorship of gloves and t-shirts.

The weather didn't look the best for our Reconciliation Walk last Tuesday, August 4, but except for some scattered rain in the last kilometre and a healthy shower during the speeches, it was a fine day all round for this important community event.

The walk was organised by Ben Rigney, Danielle Reid and Tommy Wanganeen as part of their SAASTA year 12 SACE pathway studies.  After brainstorming and discussion with school and community leaders, the 4km walk involved MAS, Point Pearce Primary and the local community. 

MAS students left school at 9:30 with a Police escort. Traffic signs at the Point Pearce turn-off emphasised the community nature of the walk. Older students started 4km out from Point Pearce, with younger groups starting at 3km, 2km and 1km points.

A good-sized community group had gathered at the entrance to the town and we completed the walk with the Point Pearce Primary School students.

At the school we shared fruit for recess and Ben, Danielle and Tommy publicly thanked the school, parents and community members for their involvement.

The R-2 classes stayed for a sausage sizzle and games organised by the SAASTA and SAASTA-Connect students.


The Year 5/6 class made skill-testers as the finish to their Science unit on electricity. Students first bent wire into a tricky path then attached it to a block of wood. They added a small LED light and battery and a handle with a second length of wire ending in a hoop. The trick was to move the hoop along with wire without touching it - if you did, the LED lit up! The testers were a popular project and a good test of students electrical knowledge and manual dexterity.

Tim Tuck, Year 5/6 Science

It was wonderful to host our second-round of Glen Osmond student visitors last term. Ex-MAS teacher Miss Secomb brought a two classes to Maitland for a taste of country life and by all reports, the students had an exciting, if exhausting time.

The sixty city students and adults camped out in the PAC and spare primary classrooms and experienced a wide range of activities organised by the school and the local community.

The visitors took a guided trip around Maitland, visited the Ag Block (thank you Year 10's and Miss Townsend), played games with the 3/4 students (thank you Mr Salmon and Mr Mills) and had a special tour of the Anna Bina farm, seeing the process of turning grain into food (thank you Mr Wundersitz).

We had a delicious BBQ on the Thursday night and the support of the parents and students in years 3 and 4 was much appreciated. We're looking forward to the next visit Vanessa, and there is some talk of us perhaps visiting you!

On Thursday 4th June students from Maitland Area School & Ardrossan Area School attended the SAPSASA Cross Country State Championships at Oakbank to compete as the Southern Yorke Peninsula Team.

All students ran well in what was very muddy, wet and trying conditions.  Results were-

10 year old boys team Oliver Linke 14th, Riley Davey 131st, Flynn Briggs 138th, Rupert Polkinghorne 139th, Will Davey 162nd

10 year old girls – Ebony Wheare 99th

11 year old boys- Sam Allen, Jack Winen 162nd, Tre Fuller 163rd

12 year old girls- Kaylee Short 138th, Jemma Torsney 89th

13 year old girls- Ella Davey 145th

13 year old boys Caleb Poulter 46th

 Oliver Linke finished in the top 20 gaining him an invitation to the State Cross Country Team Trials on the 13th June at Salisbury in which he finished 7th.

The School Concert Band is having a special performance to MAS and MLS students on Wednesday July 29 at 2:10-2:50pm in the school PAC. This is a warm-up for our Balaklava Eisteddfod competition and the concert is open to all community members - no charge!


The Linke family met an old friend in the London Museum recently - the real Hoa Hakananai'a!

Those of you who attended the Compass Rose performances last year will undoubtedly recognise the statue in the picture. Tommy and Ollie reported back saying that the real Hoa is smaller, a LOT heavier, and has lots of carving on his back.


The Music is Fun Band entertained a full house last Thursday June 4 with over 350 students from MAS, PPAS, AAS and MLS enjoying the professional, fun and educational concert.

With many of our students involved with dances, singing and acting, the show was a rollercoaster of up-tempo dance numbers (such as Sugar Rush or The Lego Movie Song), contemplative showstoppers (Vita Mia and Lanterns) and silly singalongs (Star Trekkin and the Crazy Frog medley).

There were lots of dress up moments too, with the Crazy Frogs, dancing Cupcakes and  Addams Family reunion being favourites.

Congratulations to the Year 5/6 and Year 7 dance groups who choreographed their own dance for 'Live Louder'; your applause was richly deserved!

Thank you to all the school music coordinators for organising the student performances and of course a huge shout out to Andre and the Music Is Fun Band for yet another awesome concert.

The Kindy visited the school for some special lessons on Monday May 18, joining the R/1 class for drama in the Performing Arts Centre.

After some drama warm-ups, the R/1 class acted out the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. They tripped-trapped over the troll bridge, asked him to 'eat their brother, who is bigger' and showed how the troll ended up being head-butted into the river.

Then it was the kindy children's turn. They split into four groups - Little Billy Goat, Middle-sized Billy Goat, Big Billy Goat and Troll.

The trolls hid under the bridge where the river went through. Each group then trip-trapped over the bridge, acting out the story.

Puppet time

Then it was the puppets' turn to play! Everyone was given a puppet and practised making voices and movements. Then we acted the story out all over again, but with each child performing all four characters.  Everyone did a great job and we look forward to your next visit with us.


The Kindy and Junior classes have been making friends with six yellow programmable robots and teaching them how to race, land in a target and perform complex instructions.

And all with just a touch of a button!

The happy little robots are called Bee-Bots and we've been making good use of the Digital Media Laboratory to introduce the students to the elements of programming in a fun, interesting and often competitive way.


Bee-Bots have seven buttons on top. Students start by pressing clear to clear all previous instructions.

They then press the forward, reverse, right turn / left turn and pause buttons in sequence to make the Bee-Bots travel forward, reverse, make a quarter turn to the right or left or to pause for a few seconds.

By combining the button presses the robots can navigate obstacle courses, race each other, trace out patterns or even (very slowly) dance!


The UK has recently made computer programming an integral part of their school curriculum and the US is emphasising the need for students to become more computer literate not only as 'drivers' of software but 'under the hood', learning how to program.

Bee-Bots are a simple, hands-on approach for introducing programming and if the rapped attention of our students was anything to go by, a very successful one.

Read more: Bee-Bots On the Loose

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