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News, views and information from Tim Tuck, the MAS Primary Coordinator.

Week 8 | 3 Mills

Mr Mills Year 3 students shared some very creative poems and writing for their first assembly including some clever T-Shirt designs.

The students also played an original song on recorder and hosted a series of challenges for the other classes to participate in.

Congratulations to the new Tech Crew as well for their running of all things technical!

Week 9 | R/1 Atkins

Miss Atkins class have had a dinosaur themed term and showed us their dinosaur pictures, 3D printing and going-on-a-dino-hunt drama play. The play had a big surprise: a 3m long Triceratops hidden under sheets!

The class also shared colourful butterflies, showed us how to mix colours together and ran a video of their busy term.


Our Festival Choir was assessed today in a two-hour long workshop session. Comments from the assessor included 'excellent self-managed behaviour','effective dynamics', 'accurate rhythms and steady beat' and 'balanced sound'. Overall the students received a 'B' rating and the comment 'what a great little choir!

Congratulations to Mrs Schwartz and all the students for their fine efforts. Congratulations to the Ardrossan Area School Festival Choir for their well deserved 'B' as well.


The Year 3-6 classes have been involved in a soccer tournament this month. Organised by Mr Salmon, students elected two teams from each class and have been playing against each other in a series of 'friendlies'. This week and net we get serious. The younger classes will play off to determine who will face the older teams in the semi-finals leading to the grand final on Youth Activities Day next Friday. Teams have been quite evenly matched despite the age differences, so the final should be quite a game! 


Miss Atkins Reception / 1 class have a visitor for the next few weeks; a 3m long triceratops dinosaur model, courtesy of local Palynologist and Stratigrapher Roger Morgan. Local residents of Maitland have no doubt seen Roger's other dinosaurs at the Chatt Centre, in the Maitland Show or in his front garden. A big thank you to Roger for his kind loan.  'Cera' is a real hit with the kids!


The Kindy children visited again on Tuesday for a music lesson. We played with lots of different shakers and 'clackers' and learned their proper names: maracas and castanets. We danced to music with a strong beat and found that some music has no beat - and it's very hard to move to!

The children also programmed a drum machine to play a beat and saw how a metronome can be used to set a speed (or tempo) for music. We had a great time that finished too quickly; see you all again for your next visit in Term 2.

Last Monday we hosted Harmony Day for K-2 students at the MAS, the Maitland Lutheran School, Point Pearce Aboriginal School and the Maitland Children's Centre. Our theme was 'it's more fun when everyone's invited' and the  event was based on the story of 'Ophelia Orange and the Fabuloulsy Funny Fruit Salad Party'.

Children and teachers from all four education centres joined in making party invitations, party hats and a musical instrument. They sang 'Fruit Salad' (by the Wiggles) and danced the 'Fruit Salad Hokey Pokey'. Thank you to Sarah Atkins and Emma Atkins for organising activities, to Beth Hector for making the fruit salad (yummy yummy!) and to my Year 5/6 helpers who ran the PA and PowerPoint, helped the younger children in activities and danced the Fruit Salad so well at the end!

2 Atkins have been rearing frogs in the classroom and we heard all about their life-cycle from the confident class members. They showed video of their paper-plane constructions and invited other classes (and parents) to make a plane with a prize for the winner (4 Salmon). They finished with a great video of Mr Salmon's class that wasn't shown in week 4 due to technical issues. 

The 5/6 Class put on a true-blue Aussie to get 2015 off to a great start. They shared facts about each Australian state, wore their dinki-di Aussie cork hats with pride and demonstrated their skill in place numbers, all the way up to 23 million! They rounded all this off with Aussie accents and game for other classes to join in.

A big thank you to Kelly Whittaker and the Lions club for the tasty pancakes they served up on Feb 17.

Pancakes were sold through the PAC and it was almost a complete sell out!

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