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News, views and information from Tim Tuck, the MAS Primary Coordinator.

The student members of the 2013 Japanese Exchange Program to Mimasaka have been making the rounds of the Maitland Service Clubs. The clubs donated funds to enable students to travel overseas last year, and on Tuesday April 8, it was the turn of Year 10 student Luke Clifford and Year 9 student Jordyn Ingham.
The students spoke at the Maitland Lions Club meeting, and accompanied by Principal Andrew Gravestocks, shared stories of their travels and  fielded questions from the group.  
Well done!
The planned visit by Mimasaka City students and staff to Maitland is well under way with a tentative date set for August.

Representatives from the Scout Association visited MAS on March 26 and ran students through a series of activities designed to increase awareness the various programmes that are on offer.  Students problem solved, played logic games, spun a colourful parachute and crammed into the a tiny tent during the 50 minute program.







Australian, state and territory governments have agreed on a new approach to collecting data on school students with disability. 
The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability provides Australian schools, parents, education authorities and the community with information about the number of students with disability in schools, where they are located and the adjustments they receive.
MAS Staff have just completed their second training session in better understanding disabilities and the implementation of the national data collection system
Congratulations to our Festival Choir for gaining a very creditable A- grade in their external assessment held on Tuesday, April 8.
The gruelling assessment, conducted by a visiting Festival of Music Assessor, took over two hours. In that time the students demonstrated their skill (and stamina!)  in performing the 2014 set material.
Well done to all students, to our accompanist Jonny Gorden and to conductor Debbie Schwartz. 
Harmony Day is officially celebrated on March 24, but it was rescheduled this year to March 26 to allow the Kindy to participate.
Along with teachers Sarah Atkins and Chelsea Koch, we headed for the Lutheran School Gym, where we were greeted with a 'Let's Party' sign.
Party we did, with fun getting-to-know-each-other games such as 'Pin the Tail On the Donkey', biscuit icing, party-hat making and puzzles and races.
Thank you to all the staff and students at the Lutheran School who made us all so welcome and a special 'hi' to Mortimer the Mouse who popped out of a grating to steal some tasty biscuit crumbs.

We had brilliant weather for our Maitland Show parade. 
Teachers and students dressed in their finest blues (Sharks) and reds (Eagles) and walked (or rather meandered!) from Pioneer Park to the Showgrounds. 
We stopped several times along the way to allow our shorter-legged students the chance to catch up and eventually lost sight of the front of the parade!
Fortunately we made the correct turn at the oval crossroad!
The Concert Band performed for the opening of the show, as did the Festival Choir. Congratulations to Deb Schwartz for the quality of both groups, especially this early in the year.
Well done to all students for their (mostly) uncomplaining walking and their enthusiasm promoting their house teams.





It was fun running the first two Primary Assemblies this year and a big thank you to the parents who supported my efforts. I hope you were entertained! We've made a few changes to our Assembly format. We plan to include the 'Acknowledgement of Country' after the school hymn, recognising the stewardship the Narungga people have had on the land our school is built on. We're also extending the National Anthem to include the second verse, and it was a pleasure to hear the enthusiastic singing from our R-7s on our first sing-a-long last week. We're continuing the recognition of student achievement with our weekly merit cards; a new batch has arrived and should be good for the next ten years! There are no birthday jelly-beans this year; instead birthday-students receive a certificate and light up bouncy-ball. Not as tasty, but much more healthy!

A huge thank you to Scott Wilson who has just donated this amazing Roland Electronic Drumkit to the school. A number of students have already had the opportunity to try out the kit and comments included 'brilliant', 'amazing' 'cool' and 'can I please, please, please have another go?'
I'd also like to thank Scott for the time he took to set up the kit and ensure I knew how to operate it. Our school has extensive facilities for making music but Scott has ensured our students can practice, perform and compose on a truly remarkable instrument.
As school came back after the long Christmas break the primary playground almost resembled the airport scene from the 'Love Actually' film! Along with  reunions, (six weeks is a long time for little kids!) there was laughter, tears, bewilderment, worry, anxious adults but everywhere a sense of energy and purpose. Yay for 2014!
Classes quickly settled into their new home rooms and the two-lesson morning period quickly flew by as rules, responsibilities, leadership nominations, school events, classroom jobs and academic expectations were introduced and discussed with the students.  
I toured the classes handing out school hats to our new students - welcome Gemma, Lily, Hallie, Summer, Lucy, and Nellie - and captured a little of the positive buzz in the class photos on the next page. We plan to retake the photos at the end of the year to see how much the students have grown.
A great first day back that was only spoilt by the hot weather resulting in students being confined to the classrooms for recess and lunch.

New staff

Lauren Webb is our new Year 3 teacher, sharing the class with School Counsellor Helen Moloney. Lauren, along with many of our staff, spent many hours in the holidays setting up her room and preparing for the new year.  A big thank you to Jackie Norman (now on Long Service Leave) who worked with Lauren and helped her settle into her new role.  I wish Lauren a wonderful and rewarding time in our school.

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Deb Schwartz with her Australia Day award.

Instrumental teacher Deb Schwartz was named 'Maitland Citizen of the Year' at a special Australia Day ceremony at the 'Heart of Maitland' on Januray 26.

Over her twenty year career at MAS Deb has been choir trainer, isntrumental music teacher and band director as well as community roles with the Uniting Church and the Msuic & Arts Club. Her noimination, by the Polkinghorne family, was in recognistion of the personal time, talent, and dedication that Deb has shared with Maitland and indeed Yorke Peninsula over that time.

Thank you to the Maitland Progress Committee for their organisation of the Australia Day breakfast and for the opportunity to recognise community workers such as Deb.

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