Maitland Area School

Maitland | Yorke Peninsula | South Australia

That's it, holidays are over and it's back to school for Term 3 - and what a blockbuster term it is, academically, artistically and community wise! 

Up the big end of the school the senior students are heading towards their last assessments and their first exams. Further down, the Ag crew are preparing for the Royal Adelaide Show.  For R-7 students there's SAPSASA and the Concert Band is heading to Balaklava for the big Eisteddfod. We're all involved in the Japanese Exchange and of course this year's production, 'Bonsai Samurai'.

Production News

Di Bourne has been busy at school fitting students for costumes, classes are rehearsing, learning songs, attempting accents (Jamaican and Japanese!) and we've started work on the scenery. 

Rehearsal Tips

If your child is learning lines for their part in the production, here are some tips to help them out:

  • Highlight all your lines in the script.
  • Read the lines aloud - just like in the show!
  • Have a friend (or family member) help. 
  • Practise, practise, practise!
  • Do a little bit at a time, but do it often.
  • Move around while you are saying your lines. 
  • Learn the cues that lead in to your lines. Don't just read your own!
  • Try reading your part just before going to bed - and again when you wake up.


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