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Our 2016 production, 'Bonsai Samurai' steamed further ahead this week with more scenery, props and costumes appearing in the Performing Arts Centre. Mrs Bourne has been flat out creating Samurai, Sumo and Bandit costumes, Mrs Schwartz has been helping cast members sing up a storm and student, parent and teacher choreographers have been busy trying to get actors' left and right feet sorted out!

We had a number of special packages arrive as well. First was our sumo suit, which you can see featured on the 'big pictures' page. Then our koi kites arrived from China (gorgeous!) and finally some new lighting equipment.

Students -young and old - continue to surprise, delight and entertain as they work through rehearsals and practices. At one point we had children from years 3 through 10 working alongside each on stage. I'm not sure too many schools can boats of that!

A few shout outs to students. To:

  • Our leads Ollie Linke, Emma Rowe and Liam Dodd. Lines learned, yay!
  • Matt Thomson for his leadership by example and fitting into the Sumo Suit.
  • Lochlan Travena for his work with the bamboo swords.
  • To the 4/5 good Tsukumogami - you make me laugh every time we practice!
  • Harrison Geater-Johnson for your enthusiasm and encouragement of others.
  • Ella Davey and Ilea Frensch for your choreography skills.

TI could easily mention a dozen more - suffice to say we have a talented bunch of students!

Tickets and dates

The school notice board has caused a little confusion. Bonsai Samurai is definitely on September 21 & 22. The 9 on the notice board is the week. Sorry about that!

Tickets will go on sale week 7 and be available through the school bookroom. A note will also go home soon detailing some costume requirements (mainly black!).


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