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It was a long time coming, but the weather finally made a turn for the better, so on Wednesday, August 17, the Year 4/5 class were able to make their contribution to National Tree Day by planting nearly 100 trees on the north side of the Maitland Cemetery.

Inclement weather

We'd initially planned to plant the trees back in week 1 of term, but the site was washed out with heavy rains over several days. We rescheduled for the following week and then rescheduled again when the site was, once again, flooded. 

The wait until week 4 was definitely worth it, as the day dawned sunny, a little cool, but with no clouds in sight.

Learning on the job

We arrived at the site just after 9am and had a brief introduction to successful tree planting which included being careful removing the tree from its plastic tube, making sure the seedling was level with the ground once planted, techniques for ensuring a tight wind break and a demonstration of the optimum amount of fertiliser to add.

Mr Salmon's students were attentive, receptive and polite during the demonstration and asked relevant and thoughtful questions.

Plant those trees!

Students broke into pairs and groups of three and began the job. Some had brought their own trowels and rakes while other students used those provided by the council.

Groups worked quickly but carefully and we were soon starting a second section of plantings.

We had a quick look at trees planted by previous groups, discussed the issues with erosion from water run off and finished with a group photo around and on the work ute.

Thank you to Planet Ark and Toyota for providing t-shirts and gloves for the day, to Mrs Heinrich for accompnying us and a huge thank you to the YP Council for involving us in this activity.


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