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Congratulations to the staff and the students on our NAPLAN results. This year we have seen the best NAPLAN results for quite some time. Our Year 3 students were off the charts and our improvement from our Year 7 – 9’s was unbelievable. Our average outperformed the state average in most cases and most students saw growth. 

Our challenge now is to make sure that we keep improving our curriculum and teaching strategies to set the bar higher and maintain our students in the higher bands. 

We are also looking at new intervention and improvement strategies for those students who didn’t achieve SEA targets. It is critical that we now see this as the norm and strive to improve on these results each year to build the academic reputation of our school.


This week is SSO week and we celebrate the wonderful work our Student Services Officers do at Maitland Area School. 

We currently have 18 SSO’s working at our school doing a variety of roles. From grounds, to classroom intervention or front office administration to library our SSO’s work hard to provide a positive and supportive environment so our children can enjoy learning with their teachers. They work tirelessly for our school to make it the best it can be. 

Our challenge as a community is the next time we see an SSO at the school, feel free to say thank you for their efforts to make our school great.


This term is quickly passing us by and is possibly is the busiest term for our Year 12’s.  This term will see all of their subjects finish in preparation for Term 4 exams. Students will see their workload raised yet again as they start external assessment tasks to finish their course. For those of our students doing exams Term 3 will also see them start to book times with revision centres to organise holiday seminars. Year 12’s will also work with our Senior School coordinator Leigh Rothe to look at SATAC applications and to map out their pathway beyond Maitland Area School.

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Last week saw our Maitland Area School Concert band compete at the Balaklava Eisteddfod. They did an amazing job and finished second in the open band section. 

We finished fourth overall which is a huge achievement for a school our size. We competed against much larger schools such as Trinity College and were unlucky no to beat them. 

Our students pride in their school was evident and we also congratulate Year 12 student Sherida Borghuts, who finished 2nd overall in the individual performance. 

The results here reflect the hard work our students have been putting in to all of their learning programs this year. With practice and determination I know that all of our students will achieve better next year.


Last week we saw 21 students and 4 staff from Mimisaka City Japan join us on a 5 day study tour of the Yorke Peninsula. I was fortunate enough to have a young student billet with my family and I for the duration. We spent time on the farm yarding lambs as well as time showing him all the sights our wonderful part of the world have to offer us. 

As we said our goodbyes on the last day it amazed me how students from such different cultures, could form such an emotional attachment to their host student and families. I know that our students will have long standing friendships from this visit. 

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Congratulations to Sarah Atkins who has made it to finals of the Public Teaching Awards in South Australia. Sarah is one of eight teachers that has been recognised for their work in the Junior Primary Sector in DECD. There will be a dinner in her honour on October 14 where winners will be announced and we wish her all the best.


What a magnificent spectacle our school put on for the 2016 Sportsday! Congratulations to the winners, the Spencer Sharks, who narrowly edged out the Vincent Eagles in a hard fought contest.

Students are to be congratulated for their efforts and attitude towards Sports Day. It was great to see so many students trying their hardest in both the individual and team events, supporting and cheering on their team, encouraging individuals and filling in wherever they could. What quality students we have!

Thank you

A huge thank you to Chelsea Koch, Andrew Mills and the members of the Sports Committee for all they did to bring about sports day. The day ran very smoothly, and this is of course due to all the quality planning and preparation before the event.

Thank you to all the staff of Maitland Area School for all the hard work they put in prior to and on the day. Every single staff member had specific roles on the days and I publicly thank them for their efforts. I would also like to publicly acknowledge Little Athletics who provided the shed for our canteen, equipment and expertise.

House captains

A special mention to our House Captains, who showed our true R-12ness with their active encouragement of team spirit. Congratulations must go to the Sharks who won the inaugural Ali Adams cup. It was great to see and I had many positive comments from parents on the day.

To Fiona Hill (who opened the day), our parents, and the wider school community, a huge thank you for your support and encouragement; it's the best I’ve seen on the Yorke Peninsula. Our parents vest a lot of time and interest in our school and it reflects the strength of our school community. I am truly grateful to our parent body for their efforts to make our school the best it can be.

So, congratulations to all. Bring on the Interschools, which this year will be held at Kadina Memorial on Wednesday 30th March (secondary) and Minlaton on Thursday the 31st (primary). We are the defending champions of the Secondary Athletics shield on the Yorke Peninsula and I look forward to our students doing their best and winning again.


As part of our school journey to continually improve I am looking for feedback on how we can make our sports day better. I have set up a 'survey monkey' (online questionnaire)  and would appreciate a couple minutes of your time to let me know what is good about sports day and how we can make it better. To share your thoughts and opinions can you please visit the following website and share your thoughts.

eading to Children

Reading is one of our main improvement priorities for Maitland Area School, it is also probably the most important skill our students need and one that can make the most difference to all our children’s lives. At MAS we are working in many areas that are designed to improve the reading ability of our students.

As a parent myself I can’t impress upon you the critical importance of reading every day with your child (note I didn’t simply say ‘listen to your child”). This can involve –

  • Predicting or telling the story based on pictures
  • Reading in one voice (theatre reading)
  • Using post it notes to hide certain words to encourage prediction
  • Critically re-read the same text and develop fluency, expression
  • Its ok for all ages for the parent to skim read and summarise the text (for less able readers, this provides a rough map of the text)
  • It’s ok to introduce some challenging words you have found in the book and ‘teach’ them beforehand
  • Summarise the book – who were the characters, where was it set? What other books/movies did it remind you of.

Have fun sharing books with your children, if they haven’t seen you read a book, you have already impressed upon them a powerful lesson (but maybe not the one you intended).


There’s been a lot of talk lately about resilience (bouncing back from adversity) and grit (persevering through challenges), including the skills associated with these processes and their importance for student well-being and academic success.

If a person doesn’t believe he or she has the ability to succeed—or if repeated failures diminish that belief—then that person will begin, consciously or not, to engage in practices or make excuses in order to preserve their self-worth both their own eyes and in the eyes of others. 

natural resilience

Some kids are resilient by nature – their temperament helps them to be mentally and psychologically tough. They get straight back up after a setback or disappointment. Rejection in the playground, sporting field or at home doesn’t faze them. Unfortunately, not every child has such natural resilience.

The good news is that most of the research shows that resilience can be nurtured and developed, particularly when parents themselves are resilient and they actively foster it in their kids. 

skill sets

Resilient kids share four basic skill sets- independence, problem-solving, optimism and social connection.  

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Splash Carnival & Sports Day

On Feb 23 I experienced my first splash carnival and needless to say it was brilliant. I was proud of the way our students conducted themselves and the way they represented our school values. The community support was fantastic and many laughs were had during the day. I hope that our Sports Day has the same atmosphere and support. We anticipate a fantastic and enjoyable day and I thank all the members of the Sport Committee for their excellent organisation and preparation they have done. 

Some note for parents about sports day:

All students are expected to attend, and we expect them to conduct themselves, and represent their school well on the day.

Sportsmanship and striving for personal bests, alongside of teamwork, and lots of fun will be a feature of the day. 

Participation is really important, with students being able to help supervise events and having a go at events, whether they are expert at them or not!

Taking Student Photos/Videos. With Sports day approaching it is timely to remind all school community members that we need to be mindful in what images we are taking and what we do with these. Yes you can photograph and video your children, however we ask you to be respectful to others’ opinions and wishes regarding this matter and keep all photography localised only to your children. We also respectfully suggest that images of other children should not be posted on social media without student and parental permission.


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