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The SA Public Teaching Excellence Awards have now closed. 

As I mentioned in the previous newsletter Andrew Mills had received a nomination for his work at the School this year. Since then Leigh Rothe and Kerry Thomson have also been nominated for their outstanding work at our school. Congratulations to all three for their well-deserved nomination.


As part of their SACE this year Ben Rigney, Danielle Reid and Tommy Wanganeen have been working with teachers, SAPOL, District and Point Pearce Councils to organise a Reconciliation Walk. The walk is going to be held on Tuesday the 4th of August. At this stage all students from Point Pearce Aboriginal School, Maitland Area School and potentially the Kindy will be involved. 

Students will be bussed to different distances from Point Pearce and will all walk to the school together. Once at the school the majority of the students will return to Maitland. It is envisaged that our younger students will join with the Point Pearce students for games and lunch organised by the SAASTA and SAASTA Connect team. More detailed information will follow regarding this event.


On Friday we received official notification that our school was successful in our application to become a specialist Music and Performing Arts School under a state government initiative to promote excellence. 

The grant recognises that long, proud and outstanding history of music and performing arts not only at Maitland Area School but also the number of schools on Yorke Peninsula that access our programmes and the substantial community support which we receive.


Congratulations to Andrew Mills for his nomination for the SA Public Teaching Awards. His nomination was made in recognition of the work that he has done with students in our school this year. As a teacher it is always fantastic to receive acknowledgement for the work which you do and I would like to thank the member of our school community who took the time to submit the nomination.

Last week I attended the Aboriginal Power Cup in Adelaide. 

The Maitland Area School team is made up of students in year 10 to 12 from Ardrossan AS, Moonta AS, Kadina Memorial School and Maitland AS. 

Our students competed hard on the field and ensured that all other activities were completed. 

Unfortunately the boys and girls team were not successful in making the final which was played as a curtain raiser to the Port Power and Western Bulldogs game on Saturday night. 

The team was successful in winning the warcry competition and received a guernsey signed by the Power team as their prize. 

Overall our community can be very proud of the way our students represented them on what was long and tiring days.


A couple of weeks ago Beth Hector and I attended the Country Education Conference in Melbourne as part of a contingent of Area Schools from South Australia. Many of the challenges that we face in South Australia such as student numbers, access to courses and attracting staff are issues shared by our interstate counterparts.  

It was interesting to note the communities that were successfully delivering a thriving educational programme all had strong community support and all shared a common belief that by working together as a group of schools that they could deliver high quality education to the young people in their communities.

Last Monday the Point Pearce, Maitland Area School and Children's Centre communities hosted Tony Harrison, the Chief Executive of the Education Department as part of his tour of Yorke Peninsula. It was a great opportunity to showcase the programmes and work which is happening in our community and how we believe education and care services should operate into the future. 

Thank you to students, staff, Governing Councillors and community members for their efforts to ensure the day was a success.

Once again this year the Education Department are running the SA Excellence in Public Education Awards. 

In previous years our school has had a number of staff nominated for the different award categories and I know that it has meant a lot to them that their community took the time and effort to nominate them for the award. 

If you believe that a staff member or a team of staff from MAS deserve nominating, please take the time to do so. More details to follow later in the newsletter.


Next Monday, Tony Harrison the Chief Executive of the Education Department is visiting Maitland Area School and Point Pearce Aboriginal School. 

One of the main topics of discussion during his visit will be the strengthening of the working relationship between MAS, Point Pearce and the Children’s Centre now and in years to come. 

At this point in time we have loosely labelled the relationship “Central Yorke Schools”. 

As we continue to refine how this relationship could operate and how formal the relationship could be we will be seeking input from all stakeholders through SRC, Governing Councils and staff. 

The visit will be a fantastic opportunity for our school community to showcase the many programmes and high standard of education that we deliver. 


The school Concert Band and Festival Choir helped commemorate the 100th ANZAC anniversary with performances at the ANZAC Dawn Service and community breakfast. 

The band has accompanied the community hymns for over 15 years now, and it was gratifying to see the high attendance of staff, students, old scholars and community members for the event.

Principal Andrew Gravestocks and school prefects Nathan Tucker and Lisa Brumfield  laid wreathes and presented ANZAC commemorative books at the memorial during the service.

The Festival Choir then performed at the community breakfast held after the service.


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