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On Saturday we held a Garage Sale on our Primary Oval in an attempt to send some of our excess furniture and equipment to a better homes. 

A big thank you to the students and parents who helped clean out sheds and other spaces and to those who assisted with the sale. At last count over $1200 had been raised that will go to assisting our students with camps this year.


Last week we had the rare privilege of hosting both the Secondary and Primary Interschool Sports Days on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. This was a massive undertaking and one that would not have been possible without the commitment and work put in by staff, parents and community members. 

On both days it was great to see our students competing and striving to do their best for their school. In terms of results the secondary team surprised themselves in the Open Division and won the day and our school finished second overall. 

A great effort considering the size of our school!

Now that the days have been completed we will be reviewing with staff, SRC and Governing Council what went well and things we think could be improved in future. If you have any feedback please contact me at school.

As always the start to the school year has been busy. It has been fantastic to welcome back some familiar faces and some new ones to the school. As a result our enrolment numbers are above what was predicted for 2015. From my observation the year has started well for the staff and students. Students are highly engaged and working well in vibrant classrooms. Thank you to all families for their efforts in ensuring that their students are in uniform and ready for learning from the beginning of the year.

School Leaders

Election processes have been completed for the student leadership for 2015. Congratulations to all students who have been elected to represent their peers in the SRC, Sporting events or as a bus monitor. In our next newsletter we will officially recognise our student leaders after they have been inducted this week.

2015 Japanese Exchange

This year Maitland Area School is due to undertake our biannual exchange to Mimasaka City in Japan. The exchange is open to all students from year 8 to 11. As in 2013 our aim is to travel to Japan in the last week of term 3 and return in the second week of the school holidays. Decisions regarding which staff will accompany the students have not been made at this stage. For the first time we will be inviting students from Ardrossan Area School to take part in the exchange. If families are interesting in their children being part of this exchange or would like further information please contact the school so that we can gauge interest and begin planning if required.


Welcome back to the 2015 school year! On behalf of our school community I would like to extend a warm welcome to families who are new to our school. It was great to see the excitement on the faces of students this morning as they begun their new school year. For me, now beginning my sixth year at the school, I was impressed by the number of students wearing uniform and the way that they presented themselves today.


This year is going to be challenging and exciting for us a school as we will take some big steps forward in a number of projects we have been working on for a number of years. The Children's Centre construction is due to begin this term and I am hoping that we are not too far off with our wetland project. Our staff is working through how these projects will potentially effect learning programmes and are putting plans in place to minimise disruptions.

Strengthening ties

We are continuing our work with Point Pearce Aboriginal School and the Children's Centre on plans to strengthen and develop links between the sites and how this could work operationally. The MAS Governing Council will be taking a lead role in this throughout year and we will work together on processes to ensure that strong consultation takes place within our community regarding this initiative.

Meet the teacher

Next Tuesday is our annual "Meet The Teacher" Evening. I would like to encourage all parents to attend if possible and if not possible to make contact with your students teacher to make a time to do so. At this evening teachers will be outlining how the class will operate, activities planned for the year and expectations regarding homework and communication with home.

It was with great pride that I was able to accompany our SRC to the Maitland War Memorial on Remembrance Day this year. The students all dressed in our formal uniform and from the discussions that I had going to and returning from the Memorial it was clear that all understood the importance of the day. 

Thankyou to the community members who have taken the time to provide positive comments to not only me but the students involved as I think too often we concentrate on what isn’t working or on how we could improve and don’t take time to reflect on some of the positive things that do occur in our personal and professional lives. 

Well done too to the remainder of the school population who took part in a service in our PAC. From all accounts the most respectful and successful service we have conducted in recent years. 

A feasibility study has begun to investigate the installation of a wetland / dam on our school grounds. It is envisaged that it will be situated near the new bus shed and extend into the ag paddock adjacent to this. Governing Council have been investigating with staff  as to how we can reduce our water costs and at this stage this would seem to be a viable option if the water can be re-used on the oval and in Ag. 

Fortunately we are able to access our trade training centre funding for agriculture to fund the project if it is viable as initial costing suggest the project could be up to $130 000 in total. I will aim to update the community as this project progresses as we are working with the local council. The hope is that we will be able to maintain our oval to a higher standard for not only students at MAS but also for community groups who utilise the oval.


Adelaide Royal Show

Well done to Sarah Townsend and her team of students who represented the school at the recent Royal Adelaide Show. Whilst the results were not at the lofty level of 2013 ( we'll be hard pressed to repeat those!) it was great to see the team come home with some well deserved ribbons. 

To me, what was just as great a success was seeing the number of students and parents who worked together at the show to achieve the results. Special thanks go to Julie Bagshaw for her work with the students and to Tony Lawler and Andrew Honner for transportation.  A great effort from all concerned.

Pre-service teachers

Next week we say farewell to our three pre-service teachers, Deony Sims, Natalie Gordon and Kimberley Trueman.  They've worked well in what can sometimes be a complex and demanding teaching environment, with positive reports from their mentor teachers on their classroom teaching and involvement. We wish them all the best for the future.\

Festival of Music Choir

Congratulations to the Festival of Music Choir who performed in Adelaide last Sunday. The culmination of a year’s hard work.! This year we have worked closely with Ardrossan Area School for this event and it has been a great example of the two schools working together. A big thank you to Deb Schwartz for her effort in working with the students throughout the year.

Deputy Principal

For the last two weeks of this term, Beth Hector is enjoying some long service leave in America. If you have queries or questions that you would normally direct to Beth, please refer them to Tim Tuck (Primary), Leigh Rothe (Secondary) or myself.

End of term 

A reminder that Friday, September the 26th is the last day of this school term. School finishes at 2pm on this day. Term 4 will begin on Monday, 13th of October.

Errappa Camp

In the last week of last term I had the pleasure of accompanying our Year 8 & 9 students to the Errappa Camp at Iron Knob. Having been in a number of schools that have accessed the camp it was a great opportunity for me not only to get to spend some time with the students but to also get a better understanding of the activities undertaken by the students. 

The Errappa Camp is run by police officers and concentrates on developing self confidence and team work with the students. I was not only amazed to note the activities undertaken by the students but probably more so by the level that students challenged themselves. Well done to all involved!

Japanese Exchange

Thank you to the families who have expressed interest in hosting a Japanese student. Their time of arrival is only a couple of weeks away. We are seeking more families to assist, so please contact the school if you can help out.  You may also want to use the Japanese language posters on the next three pages to get ready for the visit!

Staffing Update

This term we welcome back Star Derrington who will be working predominantly in our Flex Room supporting a range of students for the remainder of the year.   

Cert 2 in Automotive Mechanics

Congratulations to Bill Edwards on receiving his Certificate 2 in Automotive mechanics (diesel. )Bill has used the VET pathway to work towards achieving his career goals and is currently working towards his Certificate 3 in Agriculture.


The last day of term 2 also marks the last day for Layce Van Hee our Rotary Exchange student from Belgium who has been with us for a year. 

That year has certainly flown by and I hope that Layce has had a fantastic time and has many great memories to take home with her. Farewell Layce on behalf of the Maitland Area School community.


New Report Format

When written reports are sent home this week you will notice that we have changed their format. Our aim is to provide you with an informative snapshot of your child's achievement at school. For the end of year reports we are aiming to include individual student achievement data in the areas of literacy and numeracy. I would also encourage parents to follow up directly with subject teachers if they have specific questions relating to the reports. 

Staffing Update

I have great  pleasure in announcing that Sarah Atkins has been made a permanent teacher at Maitland Area School. This appointment is in recognition of the number of years that Sarah has filled temporary positions in the school and the outstanding work she has done in the JP area of our School. Congratulations Sarah.

Secondly, I can now confirm that Lauren Webb who is currently working in the year 3 class has been appointed to stay with us in her current capacity for the remainder of the year. Star Derrington will be returning 2 days a week next term and will work across the school supporting students in Literacy.

Japanese Exchange

Thank you to the two families who have expressed interest in hosting Japanese students from Mimasaka when they arrive in August. The dates for the exchange are from the 8th to the 18th of August. If you are interested in hosting a student or students or would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact the school.

New-Mother courses

Jo Linke from CAHFS will be running courses for new mothers in the conference room every Friday from  the 25th of August, 10am to 12pm, for six weeks.

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