Maitland Area School

Maitland | Yorke Peninsula | South Australia

Splash Carnival & Sports Day

On Feb 23 I experienced my first splash carnival and needless to say it was brilliant. I was proud of the way our students conducted themselves and the way they represented our school values. The community support was fantastic and many laughs were had during the day. I hope that our Sports Day has the same atmosphere and support. We anticipate a fantastic and enjoyable day and I thank all the members of the Sport Committee for their excellent organisation and preparation they have done. 

Some note for parents about sports day:

All students are expected to attend, and we expect them to conduct themselves, and represent their school well on the day.

Sportsmanship and striving for personal bests, alongside of teamwork, and lots of fun will be a feature of the day. 

Participation is really important, with students being able to help supervise events and having a go at events, whether they are expert at them or not!

Taking Student Photos/Videos. With Sports day approaching it is timely to remind all school community members that we need to be mindful in what images we are taking and what we do with these. Yes you can photograph and video your children, however we ask you to be respectful to others’ opinions and wishes regarding this matter and keep all photography localised only to your children. We also respectfully suggest that images of other children should not be posted on social media without student and parental permission.


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