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eading to Children

Reading is one of our main improvement priorities for Maitland Area School, it is also probably the most important skill our students need and one that can make the most difference to all our children’s lives. At MAS we are working in many areas that are designed to improve the reading ability of our students.

As a parent myself I can’t impress upon you the critical importance of reading every day with your child (note I didn’t simply say ‘listen to your child”). This can involve –

  • Predicting or telling the story based on pictures
  • Reading in one voice (theatre reading)
  • Using post it notes to hide certain words to encourage prediction
  • Critically re-read the same text and develop fluency, expression
  • Its ok for all ages for the parent to skim read and summarise the text (for less able readers, this provides a rough map of the text)
  • It’s ok to introduce some challenging words you have found in the book and ‘teach’ them beforehand
  • Summarise the book – who were the characters, where was it set? What other books/movies did it remind you of.

Have fun sharing books with your children, if they haven’t seen you read a book, you have already impressed upon them a powerful lesson (but maybe not the one you intended).


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