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As a member of AFFLIP and as part of our responsibilities as an international school, we have just recently hosted a group of Filipino Principals. 

They were on a study tour to look at our programs, our daily structures and wellbeing of our students. They were amazed at how our school ran and the strong focus we have on literacy and numeracy. 

It was also great for our staff to understand what it is like to teach in a developing country.  For example, did you know that class sizes in the Philippines can be at minimum 35 students and get up to nearly 70. The Principal and teacher we hosted have 2800 students at their schools and only 7 computers in the whole school. Also in the Philippines many of the students come to school malnourished and have set supervised eating times so teachers know they are getting something to eat. It made us realise how lucky we are to live in Australia and be educated here. 

The Filipino principals thoroughly enjoyed their time here and the pedagogies they will take back with them. Some our classes will be running units concurrently with their schools and some of our students will also get a chance to Skype on one of their seven computers with a class.

What is AFFLIP?

What is AFFLIP?

AFFLIP is the Australian Foundation For Fostering Learning In the Philippines and  is a is a voluntary, non-government, not for profit Foundation based in South Australia, which makes a contribution to the educational development of young people living in some of the poorest areas of the Philippines. 

At present its work is located in Mindanao in the southern Philippines.

AFFLIP has a board of fifteen members, four of whom have past associations with Yorke Peninsula communities, Mr Ali Douglas as a Senior at Maitland Area School, Mr Trevor Tiller as principal of Ardrossan Area School and District Director of Wakefield District, Caroline Green is a member of the South/Taheny family at Warooka and John Erskine was a teacher at Ardrossan Area School.

Warooka Primary School is also a member of the Schools Learning Network School. It is hoped that two staff members from Baliok will be able to visit Warooka in the future. 

AFFLIP has been operating for 5 years and has implemented six programs in Talomo District

  • Scholarships
  • Health, Nutrition using vegetable gardens 
  • Early Literacy Development
  • Curriculum Resources
  • Schools Learning Network
  • Outdoor Learning Environment Program

Maitland Apex Club and Maitland Rotary Club have been wonderful supporters of AFFLIP fundraising efforts. People wanting more information about AFFLIP and how to contribute can get further on the AFFLIP website


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