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Last week I attended the Aboriginal Power Cup in Adelaide. 

The Maitland Area School team is made up of students in year 10 to 12 from Ardrossan AS, Moonta AS, Kadina Memorial School and Maitland AS. 

Our students competed hard on the field and ensured that all other activities were completed. 

Unfortunately the boys and girls team were not successful in making the final which was played as a curtain raiser to the Port Power and Western Bulldogs game on Saturday night. 

The team was successful in winning the warcry competition and received a guernsey signed by the Power team as their prize. 

Overall our community can be very proud of the way our students represented them on what was long and tiring days.


Kellie is an ACEO (Aboriginal Community Education Officer) who works across the three sites of Point Pearce aboriginal school, Maitland Area School and Maitland Children’s Centre.
Kellie is hosted by Point Pearce Aboriginal School as a trainee and she is studying for a diploma in Early Childhood Services, which should be completed at the end of this year. As part of her studies Kellie is doing practical experience at the Children’s Centre as and Early Childhood worker.
Kellie was a nominee for the The Yorke Peninsula Celebration of Employment Awards  in 2012 and MADEC nominated her again this year, within a highly competitive field. 
Kellie has won the runner up trophy as trainee of the year and we congratulate her on this wonderful achievement.
The awards acknowledge and reward individuals and organisations that excel in training and employment within the Yorke Peninsula Region
The Year 7 class travelled to Point Pearce today to help with the huge revegetation / carbon sink project. 10,000 trees are being planted on 50ha of scrub, and the students planted almost 400 trees, propogated by Greening Australia.
The class worked well under blustery, cold and at times damp conditions. A big thank you to Mr Gravestocks and Kellie Whittaker for accompanying us on the trip.
National Reconciliation Week is held throughout the country from Monday May 27 to Monday June 3. Students this week are learning aspects of the reconciliation process in Australia, and doing many age-specific activities in their classes. Some of the things students have learnt are: -
  • On 27 May 1967 the Australian Government held a referendum to alter the Australian Constitution to finally give the government census the power to count Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as ‘Australians’.
  • On June 3 1992 the High Court of Australia gave recognition of the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples as the traditional owners of the land. This was commonly known as The Mabo Decision.
  • On 26 May 1998 National Sorry Day was commemorated for the first time.
Students are also participating in a poster competition where they design an appropriate NRW message.
Every year the schools that are a part of the South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy (SAASTA) program travel to Adelaide for the Aboriginal Power Cup (APC) which is held at Alberton Oval, the home ground of Port Adelaide Football Club. We play football against the other schools around South Australia who are also a part of the SAASTA program.


Before going down to Adelaide for the Aboriginal Power Cup each team that’s part of the SAASTA program had to do multiple tasks within the APC booklet as part of the integrated learning SAASTA subject working towards their SACE. Some of the tasks in the booklet included, Power Cup workshop and cultural discussions, where Port Power players Brendon Ah Chee, Chad Wingard, Jake Neade and PAFC staffs Paul Vanderburgh and Narelle Long visited for a footy session and in preparation for the APC, we also had to design a team Guernsey for our team to wear at the Aboriginal Power Cup.

The Power Cup

Aboriginal Power Cup is the main event for the schools who are involved in the SAASTA program, we all go down to Alberton oval to play against other schools we play 7 games in total each a 20 minute football match with two 10 minute halves and a 3 minute half time break.

Workshops & Expos

We don’t just go to the Power Cup to play football we also attend workshops and career expos. Workshops included a session called Hearing Young Voices, where we shared information, opinions about our culture and how far we had come. Another workshop sponsored by Santos gave information about recruitment and how we can use social media to help us get a job.  We were also warned about the dangers of the using social media and to be careful of what we put on the internet.  We were given an example of the use of ‘SnapChat’ and ‘Facebook’ in that what you put up is there forever and can never be taken down. 
Something that we found enjoyable was the workshops run by UniSA where they used modern equipment, to test our fitness. We also gathered useful information at the careers expo, which was good to know we had help once we left school.

I could not be prouder of our SAASTA team and we finished second over all -  a score based on sports, grades, attendance and behaviour. Well done!Some of the many highlights:

  • Kayla was  recognised as a nominee for SAASTA Student of the year as well as SAASTA academic of the year
  • All students completed their Senior First Aid.
  • We participated in a beach volleyball carnival, netball carnival, surf life saving and went bowling. Phew!
  • We saw Anthony Mundine and had a performance by the rapper Capper. Brilliant!

The two Year 6/7 classes visited Point Pearce on Thursday September 13 as part of their Aboriginal Cultural Studies. Along with teachers Martin Salmon and Pat Hasting and elder Eddie O'Loughlin, the students visited sacred sites and learned about life for the traditional custodians of the area.


On the 16th of May “The Screaming Eagles” went to Adelaide for the Aboriginal Power Cup. The team is a combined team and has students from four different schools that meet up at Maitland Area School every Tuesday. The team consist of Kirsty Weetra, Kiara Miller, Kiyanne Sansbury, Lynette Wilson, April Wilson and Nicole Walker from Maitland. Willis Daveson, Teekah Chantrill, Tianna Sansbury and myself (Kayla Masters) from Moonta. Stacey Pratt and Sam Power from Ardrossan and Mikey Aplin from Kadina. 

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