Maitland Area School

Maitland | Yorke Peninsula | South Australia

Every year the schools that are a part of the South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy (SAASTA) program travel to Adelaide for the Aboriginal Power Cup (APC) which is held at Alberton Oval, the home ground of Port Adelaide Football Club. We play football against the other schools around South Australia who are also a part of the SAASTA program.


Before going down to Adelaide for the Aboriginal Power Cup each team that’s part of the SAASTA program had to do multiple tasks within the APC booklet as part of the integrated learning SAASTA subject working towards their SACE. Some of the tasks in the booklet included, Power Cup workshop and cultural discussions, where Port Power players Brendon Ah Chee, Chad Wingard, Jake Neade and PAFC staffs Paul Vanderburgh and Narelle Long visited for a footy session and in preparation for the APC, we also had to design a team Guernsey for our team to wear at the Aboriginal Power Cup.

The Power Cup

Aboriginal Power Cup is the main event for the schools who are involved in the SAASTA program, we all go down to Alberton oval to play against other schools we play 7 games in total each a 20 minute football match with two 10 minute halves and a 3 minute half time break.

Workshops & Expos

We don’t just go to the Power Cup to play football we also attend workshops and career expos. Workshops included a session called Hearing Young Voices, where we shared information, opinions about our culture and how far we had come. Another workshop sponsored by Santos gave information about recruitment and how we can use social media to help us get a job.  We were also warned about the dangers of the using social media and to be careful of what we put on the internet.  We were given an example of the use of ‘SnapChat’ and ‘Facebook’ in that what you put up is there forever and can never be taken down. 
Something that we found enjoyable was the workshops run by UniSA where they used modern equipment, to test our fitness. We also gathered useful information at the careers expo, which was good to know we had help once we left school.

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