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New Steer Shed

There have been great advances in the progress of our steer shed in recent weeks! The shed itself is now complete, along with running water and power. Most recently the staff from Magnus have been on site to install the cattle fencing and crush. Next on the agenda is concreting the floor and installing the feed and drink troughs. This year’s Show steers are certainly in for a treat when they see their luxurious accommodation!!

Senior Ag Students

Our twelve senior Ag students have made a great start to the year, with many of them already enjoying their work placements. We would like to thank the community members who are supporting our students this year by providing these great learning experiences. Here is a list of the students and their work place providers so far:
  • Patrick Dodd – M Redding (farmer)
  • Beatrice Carroll – Southwoods  (agronomy and ag merchandise)
  • Pria Sandercock – Caroline Roenfeldt (farmer)
  • Thomas Smart – Sam Holmes (agronomist)
  • Sarah Wuttke – Southwoods (agronomy and ag merchandise)
  • Harrison Briggs – H Polgreen (farmer)
  • Brad Robinson – A Thomson (farmer)
  • Tayna Polgreen – H Polgreen (farmer)
This class has also started their first major group activity – a B12 lamb trial with animals bought during a recent excursion to the Dublin Livestock markets. We were fortunate to have livestock agent Tony Clarke provide us with a fantastic guided tour of the facilities and we were also grateful for the support of Haydn Polgreen who attended the excursion and towed the trailer!

Year 6/7 Ag

Our students have spent the term studying various aspects of farm safety and recently focussed their attention on tractor safety. Each student had the opportunity to safely sit in the driver’s seat and raise the bucket with the controls.  We then turned off the ignition and locked away the key before having a ‘dangerous’ photo, clearly showing what NOT to do!

Year 8/9/10 Ag

During the remainder of the term, our Year 9 students will continue their studies on the impact of insects on agriculture, our Year 8s will learn about the farming zones in SA and our Year 10s will begin their tractor lessons.  
As usual, there is never a dull moment in the Ag Block! Stay tuned to future newsletters for further news about our crops and animals (and students!) throughout the year.

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