Maitland Area School

Maitland | Yorke Peninsula | South Australia

Year 5/6 Ag

Term 1 has seen quite a lot of activity in the Ag Block.  Our Year 5/6 class have started Agriculture lessons for the first time and they are a very enthusiastic bunch. They are already showing some great skills working with sheep and cattle. 

Year 7/8 Ag

The Year 7/8 class have spent the term studying the farm environment, completing soil and climate experiments and comparing the price of farms across different farming zones in SA. 

They recently completed research about the many different and varied careers that can stem from an interest in Agriculture.

Year 9 Ag

Year 9 students have studied the impact of insects on Agriculture and have nearly finished designing their own insect trap. 

A highlight of the term for this class was a visit from local beekeeper Lionel Harmer. He entertained the class with a demonstration of the suit, gloves and the smoker that beekeepers use, brought in a hive and samples of honey to taste and even shared the story of the worst place he’d ever been stung by a bee!

Year 10 Ag 

Finally our Year 10 class have spent the first term learning about the importance of soil in farming. 

They have completed a range of experiments examining soil structure and texture and are soon to present their talks about soil conservation. Many of the students have taken on the challenge of learning to drive the school’s brand new tractor. 

We’d like to thank Ben Eglington for the many hours he has spent with us providing tractor driving lessons. Our students are now (nearly!) ready to go it alone!


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