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On the 7th of February the R/1/2 classes travelled to Redwing Farm. We got to see donkeys, cows, goats, pigs, chooks, ducks, geese and even a cheeky dog under the fence. Both classes had a fantastic time feeding, patting and learning about the different types of animals. 

We even brought some friendly chickens back with us who will be living in the Ag Block. When we returned we wrote some great recounts and excitedly shared our adventure with our parents. A big thank you to Redwing Farm for allowing us to come and visit, Trevor Allen for driving the bus and Ali Adams for supporting us and showing us around. 


For the first time in a number of years our students have had the opportunity to participate in the Stage 1 (Year 11) Outdoor Education course. This has been a introduced this year in response to students wishing to undertake the course. 

I know that for many people the thought of carrying your own food, clothes and camping equipment for a week without running water or other amenities could induce nightmares but the recent camp which the students undertook to Mambray Creek was a great success.  

The R-2 classes headed off to Port Victoria on Monday December 9 for their long awaited beach picnic, and despite cool (read cold!) and damp (read rainy) conditions, we had a terrific time.
Groundsmen Trevor Allen and Peter Johnson were our bus-drivers (and cooks) and we pulled up at the foreshore jetty with dark clouds on the horizons but excited children nonetheless.
The students finished their recess quickly and descended on the playground, thoroughly enjoying the chance to try out new equipment. The old boat and the climbing frames were especially popular.,
Next up were our activity groups. Students rotated through activities including beach cricket (the water was six-and-out), scavenger hunts (hands up those found the 'tiny crab')and museum visits (the Port Victoria Maritime Museum is awesome).
Everyone was hungry come lunch and the sausage sizzle, courtesy of Mr Allen and Mr Johnson, was much appreciated. 
Groups then competed for the best sand castle with students creating complex and creative designs.We finished with a swim, well  some of us did (it was still very cold!) then we dried off and returned to Maitland.
Thank you to all the teachers and helpers who came on the day, congratulations to Sarah Atkins and the JP team for organising the day and a big thank you to Mrs Hall for opening the museum and showing us round.

Day 1: Monday

Week 1, Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th, the year 6/7s were at Illawonga camp. Once we were all on the bus we had a head count. Everybody was there except one person. When they finally arrived we set off. That made us a bit late.
The bus ride was one of the longest bus trips I’ve ever been on. We stopped at Freeling Park for recess. Everyone was really excited. When we finally reached the camp we had tacos for lunch. After we had unpacked and made up our beds we had an hour to ourselves to explore they camp. It was very exciting for the year 6’s because they hadn’t been there before. 
There are two dogs there, Misty and Buddy. Buddy is trained now and wasn’t last year in 2012. They have equipment for us to use there. And they have a recreation room. It contains two table tennis tables and pool table with chairs as well. We had to get our bathers on and old shoes. After we walked to the boat  then rode to a reserved area, we went tubing and knee boarding. We had fruit and water for a snack. We had two turns at tubing and knee boarding. Some of us went swimming.
When we arrived back it was showers and tea. We had sausages and chicken patties. Quickly we were heading for the gym and in the foam pit. There was a trampoline going into the pit. Uneven bars that you swung onto spun yourself around and flung into the foam. There was a bar that you spun around on and fell in. There was also a mini trampoline that you jumped then flipped if you wanted or just jump and land. After that you had to make your way across two bars. We rotated groups on all these activities.  Next we got warmer clothes on and went to the camp fire. We roasted marsh-mellows. It was fun. Soon we went to bed.It was a very long night.

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In the second week of holidays we ran our very first Maitland Area School Ski trip as a standalone school.  Nine students -  Annaliese Moloney, Maddision Briggs, Patrick Dodd, Teagan Layne, Nathan Tucker, Harrison Biggs, Thomas Smart, Tayna Polgreen and Amelia Honner - ventured off to the snowy slopes of Mt Buller.  Teachers who attended the trip were Miss Taheny, Mrs Derrington and myself.

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WOW! My Year 2/3 class from Glen Osmond Primary School had an absolutely amazing time visiting our Year 2 pen-pal class at MAS. We were absolutely flat out the whole time, and exhausted when we got home, but we all agreed that we had a trip to remember for ever!
Some of the first day highlights for my students included:
  • Stopping at Pt Wakefield PS for recess
  • Meeting our pen-pals
  • Holding baby goats and lambs and seeing the pigs, sheep and steers. 
  • The sausage sizzle and movie night.  
Our last day highlight was visiting the Linke farm.  Paul, Letitia , Ollie and Tommy told us all about how a farm is run throughout the year and things they need to do to put a crop in, look after it and then reap it and send it off to the silos. They showed us inside their shearing shed and demonstrated how the electric shears worked.  We also really loved the scones they made for us for recess. Thank you so much for sharing with us!
We would also like to thank the staff and students at Maitland Area School, especially Mr Andrew Gravestocks, Star Derrington and Sarah Townsend for looking after us, sharing the Ag Block and letting us stay in the PAC.  
We look forward to keeping in contact with our pen-pals and hopefully catching up with them again sometime soon.
The Year 7 class travelled to Point Pearce today to help with the huge revegetation / carbon sink project. 10,000 trees are being planted on 50ha of scrub, and the students planted almost 400 trees, propogated by Greening Australia.
The class worked well under blustery, cold and at times damp conditions. A big thank you to Mr Gravestocks and Kellie Whittaker for accompanying us on the trip.

This year's Illawonga Camp was the first three days of Term Four, so well done to everyone for remembering to be there on time straight after the holidays!We left Maitland at 8.45, with our usual bus-driver Brian (who has told us 'this is his last year' four years in a row!) and we were delivered to the campsite just in time for lunch. A quick bite and we were straight into the afternoon's water activities.


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