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The two Year 6/7 classes visited Point Pearce on Thursday September 13 as part of their Aboriginal Cultural Studies. Along with teachers Martin Salmon and Pat Hasting and elder Eddie O'Loughlin, the students visited sacred sites and learned about life for the traditional custodians of the area.

Lining up for tickets

On Thursday, July 19, the R/1/2 classes travelled to Adelaide to see 'Disney On Ice: Let's Celebrate'.

The excursion was the culmination of a term long theme based on Fairy Tales and was only possible by the hard work of teachers Brooke Edginton and Sarah Atkins, fund-raising with the help of our supportive parents and financial assistance from the Entertainment Centre.

What was the night like? This is what Macy had to say:

We travelled to Adelaide on the bus. and watched 'Ice Age' on the way. Nobody was sick on the bus.

We went to a school called Settler's Farm for tea and played in their playground. They had a flying fox.

It was dark by the time we got to the Entertainment Centre. We got in partners for lining up. The teachers gave us a ticket each. A few kids dropped their tickets but got them back. The tickets were scanned and we went in to our seats.

Mickey came on first. My favourite part was a Halloween party. There were ghosts, a little witch girl, two monsters and a vampire.

I was very tired on the way home but I didn't go to sleep. I really loved it.

Tree Planting
On Monday July 20, forty Year 3-5 students and their teachers travelled by bus to Gregory's Quarry near Balgowan to plant 150 native trees.

Working in groups of two and three, the students eagerly—and carefully­—removed seedlings from their casings planted them in the rocky ground, added fertiliser and finished with a protective tree guard.

The children are to be complimented on their enthusiasm, care and behaviour.

Thank you to the CYP Council for organising the day, the Council Workers who helped the students, the 3-5 teachers Anna Gubbin and Dot Jones for their assistance and to Trevor Allen for driving the bus. We look forward to seeing the trees growth over the next few years.


More photos...

It has been decided this year that we will be combining our traditional Year 8 and 9 camps. This will allow us to continue to maximise opportunities for our students and provide a more productive camp environment. This year we will be attending the Police Blue Light camp at Errappa, Iron Knob, where students will have the chance to build teamwork and self confidence. Next year we will still be going to Canberra so that everyone will still have the opportunity to experience both camps.

Aquatics CampAs part of their PE course, the Year 10/11 PE class spent two days at Port Vincent.

The Aquatic course has been a popular event on the student calendar in the past and this year was no different.

The weather was kind for both days (unlike last week!) meaning the fourteen students wewre able to fully enjoy the swimming, boating and other water-based activities.

The Year 10s had a real mixture of activities that included knee boarding, wind surfing, sailing, snorkelling and kayaking.

The Year 11s' time was more focused and intensive, with the five students completing a two-day course in Kayaking, an integral component of their SACE.

It was a great two days and I'd like to thank Secondary Coordinator Leigh Rothe for helping with supervision on the Monday night.

Our Year 9 Camp started bright and early Monday morning, June 27th. After a quick farewell to parents we headed for the Errappa campsite at Iron Knob. The camp is run by the SA Police and provides opportunities for students to challenge themselves both mentally and physically.  Our first afternoon was spent playing team building games, using strategies to get ‘Mr Bean’ to safety across the hot molten ‘lava’ and rescuing our teammates from a fast flowing ‘river’. After dinner, our guide Dave took us on a night walk through the scrub and along the train tracks, assuring us the trains weren’t running and telling ghost stories about Mick the Headless Miner.


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