Maitland Area School

Maitland | Yorke Peninsula | South Australia

Day 1: Monday

Week 1, Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th, the year 6/7s were at Illawonga camp. Once we were all on the bus we had a head count. Everybody was there except one person. When they finally arrived we set off. That made us a bit late.
The bus ride was one of the longest bus trips I’ve ever been on. We stopped at Freeling Park for recess. Everyone was really excited. When we finally reached the camp we had tacos for lunch. After we had unpacked and made up our beds we had an hour to ourselves to explore they camp. It was very exciting for the year 6’s because they hadn’t been there before. 
There are two dogs there, Misty and Buddy. Buddy is trained now and wasn’t last year in 2012. They have equipment for us to use there. And they have a recreation room. It contains two table tennis tables and pool table with chairs as well. We had to get our bathers on and old shoes. After we walked to the boat  then rode to a reserved area, we went tubing and knee boarding. We had fruit and water for a snack. We had two turns at tubing and knee boarding. Some of us went swimming.
When we arrived back it was showers and tea. We had sausages and chicken patties. Quickly we were heading for the gym and in the foam pit. There was a trampoline going into the pit. Uneven bars that you swung onto spun yourself around and flung into the foam. There was a bar that you spun around on and fell in. There was also a mini trampoline that you jumped then flipped if you wanted or just jump and land. After that you had to make your way across two bars. We rotated groups on all these activities.  Next we got warmer clothes on and went to the camp fire. We roasted marsh-mellows. It was fun. Soon we went to bed.It was a very long night.

Day 2: Tuesday

The next day was great. We woke up and had a nice breakfast which was optional, cereal or toast. There were lots of options of what to have. We went on a boat tour the next day. Mike drove us. He told about the time when he and an animal rescue team saved a kangaroo from along the river, the kangaroo was living along the riverside. We stopped at a historical midden site that an Aboriginal tribe once lived at. There was a tree which had had a canoe cut out of it. Mike said that it would’ve taken months to make because the Aboriginal tribe that made it didn’t kill the tree, it is still growing today. We had biscuits for a snack and were on our way to rowing.
The other team had just finished rowing and were going to their boat tour. When we were rowing Mike said we were pretty good since our school doesn’t teach water sports. We soon had a rhythm going and were on our way back. We had minced meat and noodles for lunch and then set off to go caving and then kayaking. 
Caving was fun. On some of the parts of the cave we had to crawl, some we had to bend our backs. Most of us hit our hard hats on the roof of the cave. We found fossils. I found two, one heart shaped fossil with a part of a shell attached and one without. I kept the one with the shell attached and gave the other to someone who didn’t find one. On the way back Misty pointed the way. It was very interesting how good she was tamed.
We swapped and my team was kayaking. It was fun. We practised not actually in the water, after we practiced in a small bit of the Murray. Soon we were ready. It was a very good experience for the year 6’s. We had to battle the wind. It was harder for people who didn’t do it last year. We swam in the river; we also tried to get the most people on one kayak. The boys 6 had and the dog, buddy. But the girls had 7 on. We decided it was time to head back.
We got changed and had tea. We had Pizza. After tea  we went to a Yabby Farm. It was fun. My group; Hayley, Maddie, Olivia and Tiana, we caught 41 yabbies alone. We had the most. Last year we probably caught 1. And probably 6 altogether with all the teams counted.
We drove back and went to Big Ben by Night Shearing. He sheared a sheep but made it look like a poodle, this was a shoodle. We had to choose a sheep for your team. Those sheep went into a race. Ours didn’t win. Since we were running late next we went and saw kangaroos and wombats. After Ben got out a lamb and we had to try to pass around a milk bottle with him trying to drink some milk. It was very good. After we drove back we had supper, which were chocolate cake and chocolate milk. Soon after that we went back to bed.

Day 3: Wednesday

The last day was a rush; my group was on dished so I had to wake up earlier than the rest. I had to clean my part of the dorm and put my stuff in the recreation room. My team had to set up breakfast. After breakfast my team had archery first. I was really bad until I managed to get the hang of it. I was the second group. We had rotations and after a few practise rounds we had a competition. It was really good.
After in the foam pit when our teams rotated, we started off in teams rotating through the stations. Once we were finish we did this thing called the leap of faith. You had to stand on this high ledge and fall backwards with out moving, it felt like I was falling off a building. Then you had to do it face first and that was even worse. Then we held a few rounds of hide-and-seek. There were groups that seeked and the rest hid.
It was a really good experience. Once the bus arrived it was finally time to departure. It was a really long drive to the point were we had a packed lunch. There were sandwiches and fruit bars and fruit boxes. Once we were back on the bus it was a long, long drive. It took forever, but we were finally on our way back to school. It was a great experience even for us who went last year. 

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