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We had a full house for our Shakespeare Festival in week 9 of Term 4.

Romeo & Juliet

The R/1 class presented their own take on Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' with a cute - and funny - video featuring a dozen Juliets, an octet of Romeos and a plot to capture the balcony. 

The Tempest

The Year 2/3's presented a live-action retelling of the Tempest, starting with the mighty storm, and ending just where it all gets mushy! Some great character performances from the various Ariels, Prosperos, daughters, princes, sailors and Calabans!

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Year 4 went all technical with a green-screen version of the classic Shakespearean comedy. They covered the famed 'play-within-a-play', the marriage and the 'end'. Some clever effects and a mysteriously magical unicorn!


The Year 5/6 class wowed with two sixty-second versions of Macbeth. The boys were marginally quicker than the girls but the girls won with their dramatic interpretations.


The Year 7/8 class performed the entirety of Hamlet: in rap! They put their raps to music then created video clips to accompany them.

Thank you...

Sprinkled throughout were 3D animations made by the Year 9's introducing the plays: thank you to the Year 9 class for this special contribution! 

Thank you as always to our supportive parents and to Mrs Hector for her special Shakespeare 'Readers of-the-Week'.

The Kindy visited the school for some special lessons on Monday May 18, joining the R/1 class for drama in the Performing Arts Centre.

After some drama warm-ups, the R/1 class acted out the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. They tripped-trapped over the troll bridge, asked him to 'eat their brother, who is bigger' and showed how the troll ended up being head-butted into the river.

Then it was the kindy children's turn. They split into four groups - Little Billy Goat, Middle-sized Billy Goat, Big Billy Goat and Troll.

The trolls hid under the bridge where the river went through. Each group then trip-trapped over the bridge, acting out the story.

Puppet time

Then it was the puppets' turn to play! Everyone was given a puppet and practised making voices and movements. Then we acted the story out all over again, but with each child performing all four characters.  Everyone did a great job and we look forward to your next visit with us.


The Performing Arts Centre resounded to the sound of singing, laughter, tears and gunfire this afternoon as the Year 7-12 students watched the insightful and moving drama 'Gallipoli: A Manual of Trench Warfare".

Presented by Queensland touring company Jally Entertainment, the professional production laid bare the courage, humour, mateship and conflict that was at the heart of the Gallipoli campaign.

The actors commanded the students' attention for the full 120 minutes, taking us on an emotional roller coaster as we shared their dreams, empathised with their plight and saw the physical and psychological pain that war can cause.

The scenery set the time and place with authenticity and theatrical purpose. Care and attention had been given to costuming and stage properties and the simple but effective lighting and sound design added much to the play's atmosphere.

The acting was excellent with the distinct characters played with deceptive ease.

Congratulations to tour manager Ali and all the actors and crew for your wonderful work and to Mr Moore for coordinating the visit to Maitland.


Our Mini-Circus on November 18 was a huge success. We had 100 students showcasing their circus skills in the PAC Circus Ring under the 'Big Top'. It was wonderful to see so many parents in the audience, thank you for adding extra excitement to our show!

Pride of place in the audience were the Maitland Preschool children. A big thank you to Trevor Allen for being our bus driver and thank you to our two Year 6/7 clowns who accompanied the children to the school.

There were lots of stand out acts but special mention must go to Annabelle and Ivy for their 'Stretchy Legs' doctor act, to Darnell, Harrison and Anthany for their 'Human Cannonball Act', to Jayden, Mitchell and Oscar for their 'World's Strongest Man Act' and to Elijah, Lachlan and Tyson for their marvellous Parkour act that closed the show. 

Thanks go to Kyle  who kept the crowd entertained with his magic acts, April  for running the music and to Sylvia and Lynarrha for running the ticket office and helping with changing the equipment.

Brainstorm Productions performed two shows at school on May 2 in the PAC.
The first show, 'Verbal Combat', aimed to address some of the issues around Cyber Bullying, using a contemporary story performed by two very talented young actors. 
The show certainly had our Year 8-12 students enthralled with a poignant soundtrack, lightning fast costume changes and  realistic character portrayal. Following the show, the actors discussed some of the issues, responses and characters involved. Scan the QR code for more info.
The second show, 'The H Team', was aimed at  the Primary Classes and focused on giving students the knowledge, confidence and resilience to help combat negative feelings and behaviours.
Once again the actors swapped parts constantly, involved students in songs and actions and bought home the message that critical thinking is an important skill that can help us 'outsmart the media, the junk food giants, the advertising gurus and the bullies to create a healthy harmonious school community'. The primary students had lots of questions to ask and at the conclusion and the actors also offered advice on how to learn lines for our own musical.
Congratulations to all students for their terrific audience skills and to Brainstorm Production for these brilliant shows.


On the 5th of November we performed our play to the Reception Class and the  Year Fives. We had worked on this play for a semester The play was about a prince and a princess who were in love. But the prince’s mother/grandma didn’t want them getting married so she stole the princess. But the mother/grandma’s little minion Lilly stops her from killing the princess by telling the prince where they are. The prince saves the day and the princess and the prince lives happily ever after. The good things about the play were that the entire crowd interacted with the clowns and their signs, and that it went smoothly.The bad things about the play were that people would not step into the light, and that some of the music and sound effects were not on time. Some of the lighting cues were not on time. The consequence of the lighting cue being not on time was that the flow was not perfect.

The Year 3-7 classes attended a moving and evocative Come Out performance of 'Steam Island' in the PAC today.

Presented by the Southern Youth Theatre Ensemble, the show's themes include inclusion, bullying and group dynamics.

Clever use was made of the performance space with digital projections helping create a steam-punk feel to Armin Greder's original story.

The young actors used mime and physical theatre effectively and the musical accompaniment was creative and imaginatively conceived.

The audience enjoyed the show and asked many questions at the end.

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