Maitland Area School

Maitland | Yorke Peninsula | South Australia


On the 5th of November we performed our play to the Reception Class and the  Year Fives. We had worked on this play for a semester The play was about a prince and a princess who were in love. But the prince’s mother/grandma didn’t want them getting married so she stole the princess. But the mother/grandma’s little minion Lilly stops her from killing the princess by telling the prince where they are. The prince saves the day and the princess and the prince lives happily ever after. The good things about the play were that the entire crowd interacted with the clowns and their signs, and that it went smoothly.The bad things about the play were that people would not step into the light, and that some of the music and sound effects were not on time. Some of the lighting cues were not on time. The consequence of the lighting cue being not on time was that the flow was not perfect.

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