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We had a full house for our Shakespeare Festival in week 9 of Term 4.

Romeo & Juliet

The R/1 class presented their own take on Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' with a cute - and funny - video featuring a dozen Juliets, an octet of Romeos and a plot to capture the balcony. 

The Tempest

The Year 2/3's presented a live-action retelling of the Tempest, starting with the mighty storm, and ending just where it all gets mushy! Some great character performances from the various Ariels, Prosperos, daughters, princes, sailors and Calabans!

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Year 4 went all technical with a green-screen version of the classic Shakespearean comedy. They covered the famed 'play-within-a-play', the marriage and the 'end'. Some clever effects and a mysteriously magical unicorn!


The Year 5/6 class wowed with two sixty-second versions of Macbeth. The boys were marginally quicker than the girls but the girls won with their dramatic interpretations.


The Year 7/8 class performed the entirety of Hamlet: in rap! They put their raps to music then created video clips to accompany them.

Thank you...

Sprinkled throughout were 3D animations made by the Year 9's introducing the plays: thank you to the Year 9 class for this special contribution! 

Thank you as always to our supportive parents and to Mrs Hector for her special Shakespeare 'Readers of-the-Week'.

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