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Last term the Year 2 class worked on procedure writing. 

To finish off their unit they listened to a story about a boy called Ben who was making honey biscuits with his Gran. 

The students had to write their own procedure (recipe) for honey biscuits after listening to the story. 

We then tested our honey biscuit recipes in the Home Ec room to see if we got the procedure right. 

There was lots of licking the bowl, excited oven watching and a flour mix up!

A big thank you to Michelle Geater-Johnson, Sally Davey, Brooke Polkinghorne, Karen Crawford, Danny Allen, Mel French, Mandy Amey and Brooke Davies for helping us.

Emma Atkins, Year 2 Class Teacher

'Who Sank the Boat?' is the Year R/1's class story for this term and they've already started making their own boats.

To test ideas about buoyancy and displacement, the students made boats out of squares of aluminium foil. They soon discovered that the shape of their design had a lot to do with how well it floated, and how much it could support.

On Tuesday 3rd June well known N.S.W. writer, Simon Higgins author of the Moonshadow and Tomodachi Books spent the day at MAS. 

Simon spoke to all the year 6-9 students and shared his writing process with the use of PowerPoint images and animations. He even performed a brief martial arts sword demonstration which reflected his stories of ancient Japan. Simon then conducted three workshops with years 6/7, 8 and 9 and guided them in the secrets of story writing, and the art of writing exciting openings. 

The students were engaged in Simon’s performance and workshops, and came away from the day excited in a positive way about reading, writing and researching stories.


The Premier's Reading Challenge is a literacy engagement program that was introduced by the Premier in 2004 to encourage students to read more books and enjoy reading and to improve literacy levels.

The Challenge requires students to read 12 books between the beginning of the school year and early September.

MAS joined the Premiers Reading Challenge in the inaugural year of 2004 and this year some of our students received the Reader for Life - Gold Award.  What a wonderful achievement - 11 years of meeting the challenge! 

MAS has been regularly recognised as a school with outstanding achievement and I congratulate the 133 students who received awards for 2014.

To promote reading and acknowledge students who are developing good reading habits and improving their comprehension skills we have introduced “Reader of the week “ in the Reception to Year 7 classes.
Each week teachers are nominating students from their classes who have displayed these characteristics. The awards are not limited to one per class and some weeks there may be multiple students from one year level and perhaps none from another. 
The awards are books which have a commemorative book plate glued in the front acknowledging the student’s receipt of the award.
I would like to thank Ron Watson, principal of Point Pearce Aboriginal School and a number of the staff of Maitland Area School for their kind donations of books used for the awards.

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