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News and information about our links with the Maitland Children's Centre.

At the Maitland Children’s Centre we aim to provide a friendly and caring environment that supports and encourages positive relationships with children, parents, families, staff and community to ensure opportunities for quality learning.

We believe that:

  • Each child is an individual with their own interests, personality and unique characteristics
  • Children learn through exploration and interaction with their world through play and practical experience
  • Children are in integral part of a family with whom a shared understanding is developed to support children’s learning

Kindergarten Sessions

Monday - Wednesday: 8:45am - 3:00pm

Thursday: 8:45am - 11:45am

Rural Care

Monday - Friday: 8.00am – 6:00pm


Through play based learning children have been engaged and exploring:


Children were introduced to the Maths Toolbox and have enjoyed using the variety of ‘tools’ in their play.  They have particularly enjoyed using the tape measures, calculators and timers and have been creative in how they use them to support their exploration and investigation. 


Children have been creating journals and drawing pictures about their favourite thing at the new Kindy.  It’s not surprising that most of them are enjoying the ‘tap’ in the sandpit.


This week we will introduce our learning tub to explore children’s knowledge and interests around “What is a scientist?”  

Child Protection

We will begin our child protection focus this week looking at Early Warning Signs.

You Can Do It

Oscar Organisation has been helping children revisit routines and learn where everything belongs in our new play space.  We look forward to meeting Connie Confidence over the next few weeks.


It has been fantastic seeing children settle in and explore our new learning environment.  We have received positive feedback about our Centre from both children and families as well as the wider community. The Children’s Centre received a lot of visitors as part of the recent MAS Open Day who were very impressed by our Centre.  

We have had a successful start to the term and I look forward to an exciting and busy term.  Once again thankyou to all of you for your ongoing support and understanding during this time of settling in.


We have said goodbye to Amanda who has taken on a new role as an Early Childhood Leader and to Michelle who has moved from the district.  I have been appointed as Acting Director for Terms 3 & 4.

We welcome Rachel Wells as our Preschool Teacher for the rest of the year.  Rachel is building wonderful relationships with children and is enjoying getting to know them.  

Monday, March 21 was Harmony Day and we celebrated this national festival of Australia's cultural diversity by joining students from Point Pearce Aboriginal School at a special morning of inclusiveness, respect and belonging at the Maitland Lutheran School.

The Harmony Day theme is 'everyone belongs' and children were treated to story-telling, cultural handicrafts, special games, face-painting and more in our two-lesson visit.

A special treat was a didgeridoo performance to finish our activities.

Thank you to the staff at MLS who organised and ran the activities and a special 'well-done' to the MLS students who led games and handicrafts and interacted so patiently with students from all three schools.

The west side of the school is definitely 'building site' shaped! The huge covered outdoor learning area (COLA) framework has gone up over the secondary courtyard, the old JP rooms have been gutted with a second huge covered play area over the old primary courtyard. Interior walls have been erected in the new kindy section with the extension framework in place.

The newly refurbished 11-12 learning area is now in use and the R-2 classes have settled into their new unit. The special-needs bathroom area has been gutted, expanded and tiling is now complete. 

A very exciting set of projects that will benefit our school community for years to come! 

Work has begun on converting two of the Primary Corridor classrooms into a flexible learning area for the R-2 classes.

Part of the dividing wall is being removed to accommodate a sliding door ahead of new carpeting, painting and furniture upgrades.

Very exciting!

The Kindy visited the school for some special lessons on Monday May 18, joining the R/1 class for drama in the Performing Arts Centre.

After some drama warm-ups, the R/1 class acted out the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. They tripped-trapped over the troll bridge, asked him to 'eat their brother, who is bigger' and showed how the troll ended up being head-butted into the river.

Then it was the kindy children's turn. They split into four groups - Little Billy Goat, Middle-sized Billy Goat, Big Billy Goat and Troll.

The trolls hid under the bridge where the river went through. Each group then trip-trapped over the bridge, acting out the story.

Puppet time

Then it was the puppets' turn to play! Everyone was given a puppet and practised making voices and movements. Then we acted the story out all over again, but with each child performing all four characters.  Everyone did a great job and we look forward to your next visit with us.


The Kindy and Junior classes have been making friends with six yellow programmable robots and teaching them how to race, land in a target and perform complex instructions.

And all with just a touch of a button!

The happy little robots are called Bee-Bots and we've been making good use of the Digital Media Laboratory to introduce the students to the elements of programming in a fun, interesting and often competitive way.


Bee-Bots have seven buttons on top. Students start by pressing clear to clear all previous instructions.

They then press the forward, reverse, right turn / left turn and pause buttons in sequence to make the Bee-Bots travel forward, reverse, make a quarter turn to the right or left or to pause for a few seconds.

By combining the button presses the robots can navigate obstacle courses, race each other, trace out patterns or even (very slowly) dance!


The UK has recently made computer programming an integral part of their school curriculum and the US is emphasising the need for students to become more computer literate not only as 'drivers' of software but 'under the hood', learning how to program.

Bee-Bots are a simple, hands-on approach for introducing programming and if the rapped attention of our students was anything to go by, a very successful one.

Read more: Bee-Bots On the Loose

The Kindy children visited again on Tuesday for a music lesson. We played with lots of different shakers and 'clackers' and learned their proper names: maracas and castanets. We danced to music with a strong beat and found that some music has no beat - and it's very hard to move to!

The children also programmed a drum machine to play a beat and saw how a metronome can be used to set a speed (or tempo) for music. We had a great time that finished too quickly; see you all again for your next visit in Term 2.

Last Monday we hosted Harmony Day for K-2 students at the MAS, the Maitland Lutheran School, Point Pearce Aboriginal School and the Maitland Children's Centre. Our theme was 'it's more fun when everyone's invited' and the  event was based on the story of 'Ophelia Orange and the Fabuloulsy Funny Fruit Salad Party'.

Children and teachers from all four education centres joined in making party invitations, party hats and a musical instrument. They sang 'Fruit Salad' (by the Wiggles) and danced the 'Fruit Salad Hokey Pokey'. Thank you to Sarah Atkins and Emma Atkins for organising activities, to Beth Hector for making the fruit salad (yummy yummy!) and to my Year 5/6 helpers who ran the PA and PowerPoint, helped the younger children in activities and danced the Fruit Salad so well at the end!

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