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The Performing Arts Centre was constructed between 2009 and 2011 as a home for the school's music and drama programme. It replaced the old Junior Prmary building and features a large drama teaching and performance space, a music area, practice rooms and a recording centre.

Along with curriculum subjects the PAC hosts school assemblies, visiting performers and community groups.

The Primary students were entertained at the Friday assembly on September 14 by the MAS Concert Band.The band set up on the music side of the PAC and we opened up the doors so students could sit and enjoy their program of musical items.The mini-concert was videoed for Year 12 students Amy Nankivell and Hadyn Lodge (Ardrossan) who will use the footage as part of their Year 12 moderation process.

Friday September 14 was Planting Day at MAS.

Victoria Johns, along with groundsmen Sean Caroll and Trevor Allen had spent weeks previously planning the plantings, ordering shrubs, groundcovers, grasses and trees, marking out and digging holes and laying the underground watering system.

With the big day here - and thousands of dollars of plants on hand - it was time to enlist the help of the students.

The Receptions, assisted by the older Year 9, 10 and 11 students, were the first to receive the planting instructions and it was amazing to see the playground beds and areas around the PAC gradually being transformed.

The Year 1/2 class received their help from the Year 8s and the job was almost half done.

After recess the Year 3s, 4s, 5s and 8s had their turn and by the time the Year 6/7 classes arrived it was almost all over bar the watering.

Principal Andrew Gravestocks and Deputy Aaron Ward soon had the BBQ going (with help from some fine student chefs) and lunch time saw a well fed school admiring their new gardens.

A big thank you to the amazing Victoria Johns for her energy, expertise and organisation. Thanks as well to Anna Allen, Fiona Hollams, Janine Burrows, Ashley Nankeville, Bron Polgreen, Kerry Rowe, Sarah Wescomb, Lucy Allen, Trevor Allen, Sean Carroll and all the students and teachers who helped.

Now the wait while they all grow!


This Tuesday, August 14, we had a visit from Keith Payne, a recipient of the Victoria Cross for his service in Vietnam. Keith gave an interesting presentation on responsibility and the things that individuals are responsible for. It was a thought provoking session and judging by the questions asked, our students enjoyed it.

It was the R/1/2 AE classes turn for assembly on Friday, June 15. Wow, what a show they put on!

The  students read a big book, demonstrated making tallies, shared their clocks and presented two stick puppet plays, 'The Three Pigs' and 'Jacka nd the Beanstalk'.

The students were well supported by a terrific turn out of parents and the class was the first to have their assembly 'live to air' on the PAC's big video screen.

Well done!


Teachers from across Southern Yorke Peninsula met at Maitland Area School this week to learn more about the new Australian Curriculum.

Primary teachers focused on the new History curriculum, the organisation of the English curriculum and investigated ways in which diverse students groups, such as composite classes could best be taught.

Secondary teachers learned about he implementation of the Australian Curriculum ion Years 8-12 and how best to support students in meeting written literacy demands in the secondary years.

We'd like to thank presenters Lisa Jane O'Connor, Allen Campbell and Nanette Smibert for sharing their time and expertise.

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