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The Performing Arts Centre was constructed between 2009 and 2011 as a home for the school's music and drama programme. It replaced the old Junior Prmary building and features a large drama teaching and performance space, a music area, practice rooms and a recording centre.

Along with curriculum subjects the PAC hosts school assemblies, visiting performers and community groups.

Week 8 | 3 Mills

Mr Mills Year 3 students shared some very creative poems and writing for their first assembly including some clever T-Shirt designs.

The students also played an original song on recorder and hosted a series of challenges for the other classes to participate in.

Congratulations to the new Tech Crew as well for their running of all things technical!

Week 9 | R/1 Atkins

Miss Atkins class have had a dinosaur themed term and showed us their dinosaur pictures, 3D printing and going-on-a-dino-hunt drama play. The play had a big surprise: a 3m long Triceratops hidden under sheets!

The class also shared colourful butterflies, showed us how to mix colours together and ran a video of their busy term.


Last Monday we hosted Harmony Day for K-2 students at the MAS, the Maitland Lutheran School, Point Pearce Aboriginal School and the Maitland Children's Centre. Our theme was 'it's more fun when everyone's invited' and the  event was based on the story of 'Ophelia Orange and the Fabuloulsy Funny Fruit Salad Party'.

Children and teachers from all four education centres joined in making party invitations, party hats and a musical instrument. They sang 'Fruit Salad' (by the Wiggles) and danced the 'Fruit Salad Hokey Pokey'. Thank you to Sarah Atkins and Emma Atkins for organising activities, to Beth Hector for making the fruit salad (yummy yummy!) and to my Year 5/6 helpers who ran the PA and PowerPoint, helped the younger children in activities and danced the Fruit Salad so well at the end!

Maitland Area School’s annual School Leader’s Induction Ceremony was held on Thursday February 12 in the school’s Performing Arts Centre. Deputy principal Beth Hector and Chairperson of the Governing Council Victoria Johns presented new prefects Lisa Brumfield, Nathan Tucker, Ben Feutrill and Ezra Glazbrook with their prefect pins and ties. 

YPC Mayor Ray Agnew then made the secondary school SRC presentations to Jarrod Tucker, Kaylee Short and Tiana Short.

Fiona Hollams, the secretary of the Parents and Friends, made the primary school presentations to Matilda Barrett, Marley Holmes, Molly Rowe, Elizabeth Dodd, Lachlan Johns and Hallie Hendy.

The South Australia Aboriginal Sports Training Academy presentations were made by Coordinator Chelsea Koch to the 17 students from Maitland Area School, Ardrossan Area School, Kadina Memorial School and Moonta Area School. 

Several SAASTA students have also been inducted into the Elite AFL and Netball teams.

Read more: School Leaders' Induction Ceremony

Both the Festival Choir and YP Schools Concert Band started rehearsals this week with lots of new faces amongst the regulars. The choir is now at lunch, with students missing only a small part of the preceding lesson. The Concert Band still meets on Wednesdays after school, with students travelling from Kadina, Ardrossan, Minlaton and Yorketown to rehearse with us.

Our Mini-Circus on November 18 was a huge success. We had 100 students showcasing their circus skills in the PAC Circus Ring under the 'Big Top'. It was wonderful to see so many parents in the audience, thank you for adding extra excitement to our show!

Pride of place in the audience were the Maitland Preschool children. A big thank you to Trevor Allen for being our bus driver and thank you to our two Year 6/7 clowns who accompanied the children to the school.

There were lots of stand out acts but special mention must go to Annabelle and Ivy for their 'Stretchy Legs' doctor act, to Darnell, Harrison and Anthany for their 'Human Cannonball Act', to Jayden, Mitchell and Oscar for their 'World's Strongest Man Act' and to Elijah, Lachlan and Tyson for their marvellous Parkour act that closed the show. 

Thanks go to Kyle  who kept the crowd entertained with his magic acts, April  for running the music and to Sylvia and Lynarrha for running the ticket office and helping with changing the equipment.

1 Atkins and R-2 Atkins combined this week for a spectacular 'flight' themed primary assembly.

We were all welcomed aboard the MAS Jumbo Jet by our captains and then taken on a most enjoyable trip to Japan and China.

The students performed a play for us, shared their entertaining postcards, introduced all the regular segments (including birthdays, merit cards and book awards) and finished up with a wonderful video of their (very!) busy term.

Well done to the students and teachers for a highly polished and professional assembly.

Mrs Davies and Miss Koch's class presented almost an hour of fun, games and educational presentations in an outstanding assembly that was a credit to the whole class. 
The class was working on a 'Mr Men' theme last term and shared some of their activities with us including a funny set of puppet plays (with buddy class 1A), 'Mr Men' creative writing, and their 'Mr Men and Little Miss' posters.
Mrs Hector presented this week's winners of the 'Reader of the Week' (see page 3 for more details) and Mr Gravestocks was on hand to present Lucy  Rowe with her bus monitor badge.
Mr Tuck gave out this week's Merit and Birthday Cards and had the Year 1 class leading the singing for a Compass Rose musical sing-a-long. 6/7KD then finished the assembly by demonstrating the Abacuses they had made in SOSE with Mrs Hasting.
Congratulations on a wonderful assembly!

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