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Week 9 was a busy and productive week for our key SRC Leaders. On Wednesday 26th March, Miss Sarah Atkins and I accompanied Lucy Rowe 6/7 M, Koby Polgreen 6/7KD and Lily Dyett 4/5S to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre to take part in the Primary National Young Leaders Day.

I Am Somebody

The theme for the day was ‘I am somebody’, and our students along with up to 1000 students from around the state were exposed to several inspirational speakers. These speakers spoke of their time as students and the importance of leadership in the paths they took in life. 
Some of the speakers were Sqn Leader Anneka Deaton a RAAF pilot; Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister and Andy Griffiths, well known children’s author. 
The students represented our school with pride and participated enthusiastically in the activities on the day.

Secondary National Young leaders Day

On Thursday 27th March, Kelly Whittaker and I accompanied our Prefects, Patrick Dodd 12T, Pria Sandercock 12T, Nathan Tucker 11TB and Ben Feutrill 10M to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre to take part in the Secondary National Young Leaders Day.
The theme for this day was also ‘I am somebody’. The students were challenged by the inspirational speakers to think long and hard about their power and influence as young leaders. Some of the speakers included, Mike Martin, Executive Director of the Halogen Foundation, Daniel Flynn, Social Entrepreneur and founder of the Thankyou Organisation and Mark Bickley, SA football star.

Quotes of the day

Some of the stand out quotes of the day included:
  • Dream big, impossibility is only someone’s opinion, not a fact. Daniel Flynn
  • How would you lead your life if you had no fear? Daniel Flynn
  • Empathy is at the root of all good leadership.  Mike Martin
  • Don’t let hurdles stop you, work harder if it’s what you want.  Anneka Deaton
  • Learn from the challenges. Julia Gillard
The Prefects were also motivated and interested in the day’s activities and were fine ambassadors for Maitland Area School. They also took advantage of seeking information at the careers expo that was part of the day.
The 2014 MAS Leaders’ Induction Ceremony was held on Tuesday 11th February in the Performing Arts Centre. Special guests included Councillor Trevor Davey deputising for Mayor Ray Agnew; Victoria Johns, Chairperson of the Governing Council; Letitia Linke, President of the Parents and Friends; Peter Lindsay and Matthew Campbell representing SAASTA and our guest speaker Dr Rebecca Morgan.

Special Guest

The ceremony was opened with the Acknowledgement to Country read by Candice Rankine and Andrea Rigney. Special thanks goes to our guest speaker Rebecca, who completed all of her schooling at Maitland Area School. Whilst at school Rebecca also carried out leadership roles such as Spencer House Captain, secretary of the Prefects and a bus monitor.
Rebecca described her educational journey to reach her present role as a doctor and her 6 top tips to make year 12 a more successful experience.

Prefect Induction

Our four Prefects -  Patrick Dodd, Pria Sandercock, Nathan Tucker and Ben Feutrill - were then inducted. They read the Prefects' Endeavour together followed by Patrick, as Head Prefect, making the response to the audience.

Read more: 2014 School Leaders Induction Ceremony

Danceathon 2013 proved a huge success, with a packed Performing Arts Centre full of students, staff and parents. The students danced with energy, enthusiasm and confidence (both on and off stage) and the choreographed class dances were a true testament to the skills of our choreographers. Behaviour and involvement was excellent all round with the student Tech Crew ensuring everything went smoothly.

Class dances

Classes put on some very entertaining dances which showcased the abilities of both the students and choreographers. A big thank you to Miss Koch (Year 7), Mrs McLean (Year 5/6S), Mrs Davies (Year 5/6D), Mrs Derrington ((Reception, 3/4MD) and our special parent choreographer Mrs Linke (Year 1, Year 2).
Dances included evil clowns, Men In Black (and aliens), Transformers, birds and butterflies, break-dancers and rappers.

Special effects

Fundraising from previous Danceathons has meant the SRC has been able to purchase equipment for the PAC, and we were very excited to try out our new laser lights (making amazing patterns everywhere) and new low-level fog machine. The low level was the height of the fog, not the volume!

Thank you Miss Secomb

A big shout out to our recently transferred Junior School music teacher Vanessa Secomb; you would have been so proud of the students and the way they're continuing your danceathon legacy.
The SRC World Vision Fundraiser was held on Friday 16th August. It was very well supported and I am pleased to announce that $428 has been raised by paying to wear casual clothes, the purchase of cupcakes from the canteen and from money deposited in the World Vision money boxes held at the canteen and the staff room.

Thank you to...

On behalf of the SRC I would like to thank Linda Singleton, Belinda Wheare, Kate Butler, Marie Wheare and Jess Davies from the Parents and Friends Association who baked delicious cupcakes for sale on the day.

Special mention

A special mention also goes to the Year 5/6 Salmon class who voted to donate an extra $10 that the class were awarded in term 1 for an Anzac Poster.

What the money we raised could be used for:

The money raised could:
  • Feed a family of six for nearly a year OR
  • Feed ten families for a month OR
  • Feed sixty people for a month.
The SRC believe this is a terrific effort as everyone at school contributed to helping in a small way to fight global hunger in third world countries such as Malawi! 
Thank you to all the classes for voting and agreeing to “give up” an item or activity for this day. 
What each class gave up!
  • Reception/Edginton: Playground Equipment at lunch time
  • Year 1 Atkins: First Names
  • Year 2 McCauley/Derrington: Playground Equipment
  • Year 3/4 Norman/Moloney: Computers
  • Year 5/6 Salmon: Sports Equipment
  • Year 5/6 Davies/Hewitson: Water only to Drink 
  • Year 7 McLean/Tuck: Electricity in the Classroom
  • Year 8 Hasting/Taheny: Casual Clothes
  • Year 9 Townsend/Beeston: Processed Foods
  • Year 10 Moore/Thomson: Jumpers
  • Year 11 Koch: Classroom Lights
  • Year 12 McPharlin/Rothe: Mobile Phones
The R-12 SRC, with help from Mrs Moloney, ran this week's whole school SRC assembly.
Brooke presented the Welcome to Country after the singing of the School Hymn.
Mr Tuck presented a bevy of Merit Cards and we celebrated four birthdays from the Primary School.
Mrs Derrington led the Junior Choir with two songs and the house points were announced; Spencer has cracked one thousand points!
A video compilation highlighted the activities and events of Term 2 (or at least the first half!)  and students enjoyed, amongst other things,  the action footage of the Music Is Fun Band visit and the Year 7 Tree Planting.
Mr Rothe announced the final results of the ASX Share Game and congratulated the students who performed so well.
The highlight though was the presentation of blazers to the SRC and it was terrific to see the families in attendance for this event.


Student leaders inducted into their leadership positions at the Induction Ceremony on Thursday the 14th February. It was rewarding to see the many parents and friends offer support and encouragement to our student leaders.
Last week the Prefects met with Mr Gravestocks and myself to discuss up coming student leadership training and development opportunities which will be occurring in Adelaide during the month of March.
Our first SRC meeting for 2013 was held this week on Tuesday 26th February. Students participated in partner and small group activities to promote team skills.


The 2013 MAS School Leaders' Induction Ceremony was held on Thursday 14 February in the Performing Arts Centre. Special guests included: Brenda Bowman, Deputy Mayor of Yorke Peninsula; Tim Schwartz, Chairman of the Governing Council; Marie Wheare, President of the Parents and Friends and Emma Atkins, our guest speaker. The ceremony opened with the Welcome to Country by Brooke Smith. 

Guest Speaker

Emma, who attended MAS in Years 8-12, spoke eloquently about her transition from school student to university student to teacher. She talked about issues facing young people grappling with career choices and advised students to follow their passions and make the best of opportunities presented them.

Prefect Induction

Our four Prefects - Liam Thatcher, Maddison Briggs, Patrick Dodd and Tayna Polgreen -  were then inducted. They read the Prefects' Endeavour together followed by Liam, as Head Prefect, making the response to the audience.

Secondary School SRC

Secondary Coordinator Leigh Rothe and Deputy Mayor Brenda Bowman then presented the Secondary SRC badges.
8 Hasting / Taheny: Ezra Glazbrook 
9 Townsend / Beeston: Ebony Short
Narungga Representative: Brooke Smith

Primary School SRC

The Primary SRC badges were presented by Primary School Coordinator Tim Tuck and Parents & Friends President Marie Wheare
Reception Edginton: Barnaby Wheare 
Year 1 Atkins: Tommy Linke 
Year 2 McCauley / Derrington: Annabelle Smart
Year 3/4 Norman / Moloney: Macy Poole
Year 5/6 Atkins: Lewis Schwartz
Year 5/6 Davies/Black: April Germein 

Primary School Captains: Olivia Dyett & Ben Smart

SAASTA Presentations

SAASTA Coordinator MelissaKate McPharlin then announced the MAS SAASTA team for 2013, with Mr George Walker presenting certificates. Many of the team's families were in the audience to see them join their peers on the stage.
SAASTA: Maitland 
Kiara Miller,  Kiyanne Sansbury,  John Bridley,  Ben Rigney,  Danielle Reid,
SAASTA: Ardrossan: Sam Power
SAASTA: Moonta: Willis Daveson,  Kayla Masters,  Teekah Chantrill,  Zac Butler,  Marissa Bugmy
SAASTA: Kadina : Mikey Alpin
SAASTA: Yorketown : Jazzy Smith

House Captains

Principal Andrew Gravestocks and Coordinator Helen Moloney presented the House Captain badges.
YorkeMaddison  Briggs and  Patrick Dodd, Connor Briggs and Montanna Briggs
Vincent : Amelia Honner and Kyle Germein, Rhys Starrick-Hosking and Lucy Rowe
Spencer: Annalise Robinson and Bill Edwards,  Koby Polgreen and Maddie Greenslade

Bus Monitors

Finally, in the last of the presentations, Mr Gravestocks and Mrs Moloney presented the Bus Monitor badges.
Arthurton Annalise Robinson / Tayna Polgreen
Balgowan Lisa Brumfield / Lochlan Gregory
Point Pearce Nicole Walker / Kiara Miller
Port Victoria Kiyanne Sansbury / Teagan Layne
Sandilands Kyle Germein /  Jake Wheare
Urania Amelia Honner 
Winulta Ebony Short / Jesse Lawler

This week's PrimaryA ssembly was organised by the Primary SRC, with help from teachers Sarah Atkins and Helen Moloney. We also had some special guests from the Maitland Retirement Village joining us.

Each class presented a short segment highlighting some of the work they'd done in the previous term.

  • The R/1/2s read stories they'd written
  • The 3/4s gave a PowerPoint presentation
  • The 5s showed off their artwork and played a tune
  • 6/7T showed (or tried to show!) a stop-animation

The School Concert Band, fresh back from touring YP, then played some Christmas songs. Mr Tuck presented the merit cards, including a special one for conductor Debbie Schwartz for all her hard work organising the band.

Primary Leaders Charles and Bethany finished with a Christmas greeting. When the students had left the visitors were served afternoon tea.


On the 31st of October the SRC organised and hosted a ‘Halloween’ themed day at school. We had two haunted houses, one for R-3 in the vet room and the other for the 4-12’s in the sewing room. To enter we had to pay 50c. On the day we had Halloween canteen specials like creepy cupcakes, witches hats and spiders.  All the food was a great success especially the cupcakes. Thanks to Mrs Polgreen and her helpers for running the canteen and to Donna for making the creepy cupcakes. We were very pleased with the number of students that participated in dressing up on the day, we were also pleased with the teachers that joined in as well.Over all we raised $480 and had a great day. We would like to say a big thank you to the Benyo family for organising all the props for both houses and setting them up and a thank you also to the SRC, teachers and canteen workers. The day was a great success and hopefully we can enjoy Halloween again next year!

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