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The SRC World Vision Fundraiser was held on Friday 16th August. It was very well supported and I am pleased to announce that $428 has been raised by paying to wear casual clothes, the purchase of cupcakes from the canteen and from money deposited in the World Vision money boxes held at the canteen and the staff room.

Thank you to...

On behalf of the SRC I would like to thank Linda Singleton, Belinda Wheare, Kate Butler, Marie Wheare and Jess Davies from the Parents and Friends Association who baked delicious cupcakes for sale on the day.

Special mention

A special mention also goes to the Year 5/6 Salmon class who voted to donate an extra $10 that the class were awarded in term 1 for an Anzac Poster.

What the money we raised could be used for:

The money raised could:
  • Feed a family of six for nearly a year OR
  • Feed ten families for a month OR
  • Feed sixty people for a month.
The SRC believe this is a terrific effort as everyone at school contributed to helping in a small way to fight global hunger in third world countries such as Malawi! 
Thank you to all the classes for voting and agreeing to “give up” an item or activity for this day. 
What each class gave up!
  • Reception/Edginton: Playground Equipment at lunch time
  • Year 1 Atkins: First Names
  • Year 2 McCauley/Derrington: Playground Equipment
  • Year 3/4 Norman/Moloney: Computers
  • Year 5/6 Salmon: Sports Equipment
  • Year 5/6 Davies/Hewitson: Water only to Drink 
  • Year 7 McLean/Tuck: Electricity in the Classroom
  • Year 8 Hasting/Taheny: Casual Clothes
  • Year 9 Townsend/Beeston: Processed Foods
  • Year 10 Moore/Thomson: Jumpers
  • Year 11 Koch: Classroom Lights
  • Year 12 McPharlin/Rothe: Mobile Phones

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