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What is the UMAT? 

UMAT stands for Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admissions Test. The test is used to assist with the selection of students into medicine, dentistry and health science degree programs at an undergraduate level. The UMAT is an aptitude test, the test does not require any knowledge or skills. The UMAT is designed to assess general attributes and abilities gained through prior experience. There are three main sections to the UMAT, Logical reasoning and problem solving, understanding people and abstract non-verbal reasoning. These three abilities are considered important to the study of professions in the health science. 

How did I find out about the UMAT?     

I found out about the UMAT by career investigating in PLP in year 10 and by talking to the local dentist on my work experience. 

What I have done to prepare for the UMAT?

Preparation I have done for the UMAT include:

  • Attending a National Institute of Education UMAT training day
  • Going to the University of Adelaide Dentistry and Oral Health information night 
  • Doing practice questions from the NIE UMAT booklets. 


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