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Spcial events 2013.

WOW! My Year 2/3 class from Glen Osmond Primary School had an absolutely amazing time visiting our Year 2 pen-pal class at MAS. We were absolutely flat out the whole time, and exhausted when we got home, but we all agreed that we had a trip to remember for ever!
Some of the first day highlights for my students included:
  • Stopping at Pt Wakefield PS for recess
  • Meeting our pen-pals
  • Holding baby goats and lambs and seeing the pigs, sheep and steers. 
  • The sausage sizzle and movie night.  
Our last day highlight was visiting the Linke farm.  Paul, Letitia , Ollie and Tommy told us all about how a farm is run throughout the year and things they need to do to put a crop in, look after it and then reap it and send it off to the silos. They showed us inside their shearing shed and demonstrated how the electric shears worked.  We also really loved the scones they made for us for recess. Thank you so much for sharing with us!
We would also like to thank the staff and students at Maitland Area School, especially Mr Andrew Gravestocks, Star Derrington and Sarah Townsend for looking after us, sharing the Ag Block and letting us stay in the PAC.  
We look forward to keeping in contact with our pen-pals and hopefully catching up with them again sometime soon.
The SRC held a very successful fundraising day on Friday 21st June. Students and staff took the opportunity to participate in a “Show Your True Colours Day”, and wore sports colours to school for a cost of $2. The SRC had voted to use the money raised for two projects which consisted of a donation to the “Fight Cancer Foundation” and the purchase of class sports equipment to be used at recess and lunch times.
A big thank you must be given to Mrs Polgreen and Mrs Johns who baked and sold delicious cupcakes on the day. The proceeds amounting to $36 from the sales of the cupcakes was donated to the SRC sports equipment fund.  A total of $355.20 was raised, and a donation of $100 will be forwarded to the “Fight Cancer Foundation” and $255.20 will be set aside for the purchase of classroom sports equipment. The SRC would like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and support on this day.
At the beginning of the Term, keen hockey players began training for the knockout hockey carnival that would approach quickly. The individual commitment of students led to great teamwork and sportsmanship. 
On Thursday 20th June, eleven students accompanied myself to Kadina where we played three other schools: Moonta Area, Kadina Memorial and Harvest Christian.
Having eleven students meant we had no substitutes and therefore everyone on the team played three games with great persistence and determination, despite low energy levels near the end. We drew one game and lost two, but the games were still quite even. It was a great effort. All games were competitive and played at a good skills level.
To ensure we had enough players we also took a couple of non-players and a retired player. They picked the game up exceptionally well and worked well with the rest of the team. Everyone participated incredibly well and represented our school in a great manner.
A special thanks to Megan Falco, who came to Kadina and helped with supervision, coaching, bringing gear and encouraging all. Thanks also to the Maitland Hockey club for lending their goalie gear and masks.
The R-12 SRC, with help from Mrs Moloney, ran this week's whole school SRC assembly.
Brooke presented the Welcome to Country after the singing of the School Hymn.
Mr Tuck presented a bevy of Merit Cards and we celebrated four birthdays from the Primary School.
Mrs Derrington led the Junior Choir with two songs and the house points were announced; Spencer has cracked one thousand points!
A video compilation highlighted the activities and events of Term 2 (or at least the first half!)  and students enjoyed, amongst other things,  the action footage of the Music Is Fun Band visit and the Year 7 Tree Planting.
Mr Rothe announced the final results of the ASX Share Game and congratulated the students who performed so well.
The highlight though was the presentation of blazers to the SRC and it was terrific to see the families in attendance for this event.
We bundled 43 students into the big school bus on Friday May 17 and with five staff and a support bus headed up to the 2013 YP Cross Country at the Kadina Golf Course.
The event was hosted by Harvest Christian School and credit must go to organiser Stephen Clark and his helpers (of all ages) for their hard work.
SSOs Ali Adams and Julie Bagshaw (with help from the Year 7s) had our base camp erected by the time we arrived and we quickly settled in with our bags, first-aid gear and flags. The walk around the courses saw 400 students and teachers stepping out the different age-group circuits and before we knew it, the first race was on. The MAS students looked smart and professional in their sports tops and shorts and impressed with their enthusiasm, support for each other and willingness to compete.
There was stiff competition from the other schools with Moonta Area School and the Maitland Lutheran school dominating the team placings.
Congratulations to all students who attended, you represented your school to the very best of your abilities.
Lots of thanks to George Hewitson for driving the bus, to Betina Davies and Sarah Atkins for your organisation and to all the parents who took groups under their wings; a real team effort all round!
Every year the schools that are a part of the South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy (SAASTA) program travel to Adelaide for the Aboriginal Power Cup (APC) which is held at Alberton Oval, the home ground of Port Adelaide Football Club. We play football against the other schools around South Australia who are also a part of the SAASTA program.


Before going down to Adelaide for the Aboriginal Power Cup each team that’s part of the SAASTA program had to do multiple tasks within the APC booklet as part of the integrated learning SAASTA subject working towards their SACE. Some of the tasks in the booklet included, Power Cup workshop and cultural discussions, where Port Power players Brendon Ah Chee, Chad Wingard, Jake Neade and PAFC staffs Paul Vanderburgh and Narelle Long visited for a footy session and in preparation for the APC, we also had to design a team Guernsey for our team to wear at the Aboriginal Power Cup.

The Power Cup

Aboriginal Power Cup is the main event for the schools who are involved in the SAASTA program, we all go down to Alberton oval to play against other schools we play 7 games in total each a 20 minute football match with two 10 minute halves and a 3 minute half time break.

Workshops & Expos

We don’t just go to the Power Cup to play football we also attend workshops and career expos. Workshops included a session called Hearing Young Voices, where we shared information, opinions about our culture and how far we had come. Another workshop sponsored by Santos gave information about recruitment and how we can use social media to help us get a job.  We were also warned about the dangers of the using social media and to be careful of what we put on the internet.  We were given an example of the use of ‘SnapChat’ and ‘Facebook’ in that what you put up is there forever and can never be taken down. 
Something that we found enjoyable was the workshops run by UniSA where they used modern equipment, to test our fitness. We also gathered useful information at the careers expo, which was good to know we had help once we left school.


The MAS Concert Band opened for the Tea Tree Gully Concert Band on Sunday at the Anglican Church's fund-raiser held at the Maitland Town Hall. Many thanks to students, staff and parents for supporting the performance and to the Tea Tree Gully band and their conductor Jim Dempsey for their support and encouragement.


R-2 students from our school and the Maitland Lutheran School joined together on Thursday March 21 to celebrate this year’s Harmony Day in the MAS Performing Arts Centre.

Harmony Day is managed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship and coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It is a day of cultural respect, widely celebrated across schools, childcare centres, community groups, churches, businesses and federal, state and local government agencies.

For 2013, we took the picture book ‘Wombat Stew’ as our theme. In the story a group of diverse Australian animals come together to outsmart a dingo intent on cooking their friend in a ‘Wombat Stew’. The importance of friendship, standing up to bullies and finding alternative strategies to solve problems are all emphasised in this colourful and amusing story.

We started the day with a retelling of the story with the pictures on the giant projection screen where I provided the voices and music for the ‘Wombat Stew’ song. Students were then split into groups corresponding to the animals in the story: Blue-Tongued Lizards, Dingos, Kookaburras, Emus, Koalas, Platypuses, Echidnas and, of course, Wombats.

The groups rotated through activities that encouraged working together, exploration of the story and creativity. We made ‘Wombat Stew’ with chocolate pudding and assorted sweets, played ‘Dingo Games’, made shadow puppets and plays and assembled jigsaw puzzles and solved ‘Who Am I? riddles.

A big thankyou to the year 5/6/7 combined class and the Year 8 class for your help in setting up activities, blowing up balloons and testing the quality of the lollies. Thankyou to the Lutheran School staff and students for your involvement and our apologies for the sudden burst of inclement weather just when you were returning to school! A final thank you to Year 1 teacher Sarah Atkins for all your help in preparing for the day, suggesting the theme and finding the delicious Wombat Stew recipe!

The 'Ghana: Beat My Drum' production visited school on Friday, March 15 with a performance by Ghana musician Jonas. 

Jonas introduced a variety of African instruments to the students including the Talking Drum, Djembe, the Marimba (xylophone) and traditional gourd shakers. 

Jonas's infectious laugh, wide smile and obvious love - and skill - for his music was a winning combination as students joined him on stage to perform songs, learned Ghana words for 'please' 'thank you' and 'welcome' and danced to drum rhythms and songs. 

Jonas is obviously a skilled entertainer but demonstrated he's also a compassionate teacher and more than capable drummer. He's also very generous, with our 45 minute time slot stretching out to more than an hour.

A big thank you to school Performance Tours and to Jonas for bringing the beat of Ghana to our school.  

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