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Spcial events 2013.


The Year 5/6A class served up a real treat with their poetry-themed assembly on Friday. 

Each new section was introduced with a rhyming couplet - well done Mrs Davies! 

The class started with Australia-themed poetry readings. The poems ranged over many topics and were funny and well constructed. The students took great pride in their presentation with several quite dramatic readings. 

The class has also been reading to the receptions, and we viewed photographs of their work. 

In Science, the class has been studying Earthquakes. They shared videos of their seismograph experiments, where earthquake patterns are created by pulling a length of paper across a rocking table while a pen simulates the seismograph pointer. 

Mr Tuck then handed out the Merit Cards - there were lots! - and the birthday cards - quite a few! 

Well done Mrs Davies and her students for an entertaining and educational assembly. 




Rival team allegiances aside, both staff and students appreciate the regular visits by the Port Power team to Maitland.  The players are invariably friendly, articulate and inspiring and the visit last week was no exception.
Congratulations to the students who appeared in the Advertiser photo, especially Elijah, who is taking a magnificent mark!


The 2013 MAS School Leaders' Induction Ceremony was held on Thursday 14 February in the Performing Arts Centre. Special guests included: Brenda Bowman, Deputy Mayor of Yorke Peninsula; Tim Schwartz, Chairman of the Governing Council; Marie Wheare, President of the Parents and Friends and Emma Atkins, our guest speaker. The ceremony opened with the Welcome to Country by Brooke Smith. 

Guest Speaker

Emma, who attended MAS in Years 8-12, spoke eloquently about her transition from school student to university student to teacher. She talked about issues facing young people grappling with career choices and advised students to follow their passions and make the best of opportunities presented them.

Prefect Induction

Our four Prefects - Liam Thatcher, Maddison Briggs, Patrick Dodd and Tayna Polgreen -  were then inducted. They read the Prefects' Endeavour together followed by Liam, as Head Prefect, making the response to the audience.

Secondary School SRC

Secondary Coordinator Leigh Rothe and Deputy Mayor Brenda Bowman then presented the Secondary SRC badges.
8 Hasting / Taheny: Ezra Glazbrook 
9 Townsend / Beeston: Ebony Short
Narungga Representative: Brooke Smith

Primary School SRC

The Primary SRC badges were presented by Primary School Coordinator Tim Tuck and Parents & Friends President Marie Wheare
Reception Edginton: Barnaby Wheare 
Year 1 Atkins: Tommy Linke 
Year 2 McCauley / Derrington: Annabelle Smart
Year 3/4 Norman / Moloney: Macy Poole
Year 5/6 Atkins: Lewis Schwartz
Year 5/6 Davies/Black: April Germein 

Primary School Captains: Olivia Dyett & Ben Smart

SAASTA Presentations

SAASTA Coordinator MelissaKate McPharlin then announced the MAS SAASTA team for 2013, with Mr George Walker presenting certificates. Many of the team's families were in the audience to see them join their peers on the stage.
SAASTA: Maitland 
Kiara Miller,  Kiyanne Sansbury,  John Bridley,  Ben Rigney,  Danielle Reid,
SAASTA: Ardrossan: Sam Power
SAASTA: Moonta: Willis Daveson,  Kayla Masters,  Teekah Chantrill,  Zac Butler,  Marissa Bugmy
SAASTA: Kadina : Mikey Alpin
SAASTA: Yorketown : Jazzy Smith

House Captains

Principal Andrew Gravestocks and Coordinator Helen Moloney presented the House Captain badges.
YorkeMaddison  Briggs and  Patrick Dodd, Connor Briggs and Montanna Briggs
Vincent : Amelia Honner and Kyle Germein, Rhys Starrick-Hosking and Lucy Rowe
Spencer: Annalise Robinson and Bill Edwards,  Koby Polgreen and Maddie Greenslade

Bus Monitors

Finally, in the last of the presentations, Mr Gravestocks and Mrs Moloney presented the Bus Monitor badges.
Arthurton Annalise Robinson / Tayna Polgreen
Balgowan Lisa Brumfield / Lochlan Gregory
Point Pearce Nicole Walker / Kiara Miller
Port Victoria Kiyanne Sansbury / Teagan Layne
Sandilands Kyle Germein /  Jake Wheare
Urania Amelia Honner 
Winulta Ebony Short / Jesse Lawler

Our 2013 Primary Splash Carnival was held in near-perfect weather conditions on Tuesday afternoon, February 19, in the school swimming pool. Principal Andrew Gravestocks officially opened the event and the Receptions from MAS and Point Pearce were soon bobbing for corks in the sparkling pool.

More games and competitions followed in quick succession with our House Captains (and a few ring-ins) ably assisting teachers and SSOs in organising, encouraging and supporting our younger students.

The score board swayed from one house to another in the early stages and even when Vincent and Spencer pulled ahead it was still anyone's competition up until the last race, the Year 7 surfboard event.

Spencer proved victorious in the end and Koby Polgreen and Maddie Greenslade made most sportsmanship-like speeches after receiving the trophy from Mrs Julie Adams.

Lots of thanks to our Primary House Captains for their help in setting up, to the teachers for organising the classes and to Chelsea Koch and the year 10s for putting up the shelters. A big thank you to Pat Hasting for some truly inspiring photos (on the next page), to Beth Hector for all her support with my first Splash Carnival, to Kellie Whittaker for her assistance and to Julie Adams for her annual presentation. The biggest thankyou goes to Ali Adams for finding the game equipment and for running the events. I'm glad someone knows how to play spoons and pegs in a pool! 

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