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Spcial events 2013.

We held our annual Music Concert in the performing Arts Centre on Thursday, October 24 with a wonderful crowd and a full programme.
The evening slipped quickly by, with items from the school Concert Band (inc. Les Miserables, Wicked, Skyfall), the Festival Choir (inc. Stand Together, Take a Bow), the Junior Choir (inc. Old Time Rock 'n' Roll), the 5/6 Band (Bunyip Blues) and items from small ensembles and soloists.
We paid tribute to our three Year 12 students (Maddie Briggs, Amy Nankivell and Anneliese Moloney) and our retiring Festival Choir accompanist, Diane Wheare.
The evening was warmly received and truly showcased our talented students conductor Debbie Schwartz and the whole of the music staff.
We also received this letter from visitors to the area:
On Tuesday this week we made an unplanned stop in Maitland to shelter from the wild windy weather. Yesterday afternoon we were enjoying a walk around the town & noticed a sign at your school advertising the 2013 Music Concert.  We decided it might be nice to attend, which we subsequently did.
We want you to know that last night's performance has been one of the highlights of our holiday - we thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was wonderful to see the young people displaying their musical talents, no doubt largely due to the encouragement, training and leadership given them by yourself and the other school staff and helpers involved in the school's musical program.  We were impressed with the way the evening program was so well organised and conducted - despite the minor inevitable "hiccups" which may have occurred.  It was great to see such a variety of talent on display, including that of some quite young children.
The printed program (handout) was very impressive - we have never before seen a similar document of such a high standard. 
Debbie, we would like to especially commend you on your involvement with last night's programme, and for the wonderful work you are obviously doing within the school's music program.  Keep up the good work. Thanks again to you, your colleagues and the students for a wonderful evening.
Regards, Len & Sue Fittell

Day 1: Monday

Week 1, Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th, the year 6/7s were at Illawonga camp. Once we were all on the bus we had a head count. Everybody was there except one person. When they finally arrived we set off. That made us a bit late.
The bus ride was one of the longest bus trips I’ve ever been on. We stopped at Freeling Park for recess. Everyone was really excited. When we finally reached the camp we had tacos for lunch. After we had unpacked and made up our beds we had an hour to ourselves to explore they camp. It was very exciting for the year 6’s because they hadn’t been there before. 
There are two dogs there, Misty and Buddy. Buddy is trained now and wasn’t last year in 2012. They have equipment for us to use there. And they have a recreation room. It contains two table tennis tables and pool table with chairs as well. We had to get our bathers on and old shoes. After we walked to the boat  then rode to a reserved area, we went tubing and knee boarding. We had fruit and water for a snack. We had two turns at tubing and knee boarding. Some of us went swimming.
When we arrived back it was showers and tea. We had sausages and chicken patties. Quickly we were heading for the gym and in the foam pit. There was a trampoline going into the pit. Uneven bars that you swung onto spun yourself around and flung into the foam. There was a bar that you spun around on and fell in. There was also a mini trampoline that you jumped then flipped if you wanted or just jump and land. After that you had to make your way across two bars. We rotated groups on all these activities.  Next we got warmer clothes on and went to the camp fire. We roasted marsh-mellows. It was fun. Soon we went to bed.It was a very long night.

Read more: 6/7 Illawonga Camp Report

Kellie is an ACEO (Aboriginal Community Education Officer) who works across the three sites of Point Pearce aboriginal school, Maitland Area School and Maitland Children’s Centre.
Kellie is hosted by Point Pearce Aboriginal School as a trainee and she is studying for a diploma in Early Childhood Services, which should be completed at the end of this year. As part of her studies Kellie is doing practical experience at the Children’s Centre as and Early Childhood worker.
Kellie was a nominee for the The Yorke Peninsula Celebration of Employment Awards  in 2012 and MADEC nominated her again this year, within a highly competitive field. 
Kellie has won the runner up trophy as trainee of the year and we congratulate her on this wonderful achievement.
The awards acknowledge and reward individuals and organisations that excel in training and employment within the Yorke Peninsula Region
Danceathon 2013 proved a huge success, with a packed Performing Arts Centre full of students, staff and parents. The students danced with energy, enthusiasm and confidence (both on and off stage) and the choreographed class dances were a true testament to the skills of our choreographers. Behaviour and involvement was excellent all round with the student Tech Crew ensuring everything went smoothly.

Class dances

Classes put on some very entertaining dances which showcased the abilities of both the students and choreographers. A big thank you to Miss Koch (Year 7), Mrs McLean (Year 5/6S), Mrs Davies (Year 5/6D), Mrs Derrington ((Reception, 3/4MD) and our special parent choreographer Mrs Linke (Year 1, Year 2).
Dances included evil clowns, Men In Black (and aliens), Transformers, birds and butterflies, break-dancers and rappers.

Special effects

Fundraising from previous Danceathons has meant the SRC has been able to purchase equipment for the PAC, and we were very excited to try out our new laser lights (making amazing patterns everywhere) and new low-level fog machine. The low level was the height of the fog, not the volume!

Thank you Miss Secomb

A big shout out to our recently transferred Junior School music teacher Vanessa Secomb; you would have been so proud of the students and the way they're continuing your danceathon legacy.
Our journey to the Royal Show started four months ago when we first selected our goats and steers and what a journey it has been! 
Students from a range of year levels have contributed to the care of our stock at school, however it was the Year 9s (goats) and Year 10s (steers) who spent their lessons and lunchtimes working towards this big event. They spent many hours feeding, grooming and training our stock in preparation for the Show in September and this year we were fortunate to achieve some amazing results.

Read more: Royal Adelaide Show 2013

In the second week of holidays we ran our very first Maitland Area School Ski trip as a standalone school.  Nine students -  Annaliese Moloney, Maddision Briggs, Patrick Dodd, Teagan Layne, Nathan Tucker, Harrison Biggs, Thomas Smart, Tayna Polgreen and Amelia Honner - ventured off to the snowy slopes of Mt Buller.  Teachers who attended the trip were Miss Taheny, Mrs Derrington and myself.

Read more: Mount Buller Ski Trip

The SRC World Vision Fundraiser was held on Friday 16th August. It was very well supported and I am pleased to announce that $428 has been raised by paying to wear casual clothes, the purchase of cupcakes from the canteen and from money deposited in the World Vision money boxes held at the canteen and the staff room.

Thank you to...

On behalf of the SRC I would like to thank Linda Singleton, Belinda Wheare, Kate Butler, Marie Wheare and Jess Davies from the Parents and Friends Association who baked delicious cupcakes for sale on the day.

Special mention

A special mention also goes to the Year 5/6 Salmon class who voted to donate an extra $10 that the class were awarded in term 1 for an Anzac Poster.

What the money we raised could be used for:

The money raised could:
  • Feed a family of six for nearly a year OR
  • Feed ten families for a month OR
  • Feed sixty people for a month.
The SRC believe this is a terrific effort as everyone at school contributed to helping in a small way to fight global hunger in third world countries such as Malawi! 
Thank you to all the classes for voting and agreeing to “give up” an item or activity for this day. 
What each class gave up!
  • Reception/Edginton: Playground Equipment at lunch time
  • Year 1 Atkins: First Names
  • Year 2 McCauley/Derrington: Playground Equipment
  • Year 3/4 Norman/Moloney: Computers
  • Year 5/6 Salmon: Sports Equipment
  • Year 5/6 Davies/Hewitson: Water only to Drink 
  • Year 7 McLean/Tuck: Electricity in the Classroom
  • Year 8 Hasting/Taheny: Casual Clothes
  • Year 9 Townsend/Beeston: Processed Foods
  • Year 10 Moore/Thomson: Jumpers
  • Year 11 Koch: Classroom Lights
  • Year 12 McPharlin/Rothe: Mobile Phones
A class reunion to commemorate 30 years 
since leaving school will be held on 12th October 2013 at the Arthurton Sports Club Rooms from 12 noon ‐ late.
A BBQ Lunch ‐ Catered Evening Meal, please bring a salad or sweet to pool for lunch, BYO Drinks
A small fee to cover hire of venue, BBQ meat and catering will be calculated later when the number of attendees has been finalised. Fees can be paid on the day.
Please pass this invitation on to any classmates and teachers that you are still in contact with. If you have photos / school magazines, please bring them with you. If you can't make, please email a current photo and some news about yourself.
Some of you may be interested in a tour of MAS on Sunday. Please indicate if you are and we'll try to make it happen.
RSVP September 23, 2013.
Merridee Schilling:
0418 859 308

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