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Speical Events 2011

Sports, visiting artists, enrvrionmental programs, bands, camps and excursions - all are important learning activities for students at MAS. Here are some in 2011 we'd like to share with you.

The One and All left Port Adelaide for Wallaroo on the 17th May, with ten crew members and twenty seven trainees.

I was one of the trainees who volunteered to go as it was a great opportunity to try new things, make new friends and most of all travel.

It was the first time I'd ever been on a sailing ship and I soon found out there were lots of things to do. Some things we did were steering the ship, climbing the mast, team building games, learning how to tack which we did so we could travel towards the wind (zigzagging), going on watch which is watching for things in the water or light houses or land, cleaned the boat, navigation, went in the net out the front of the boat to secure the front sails and run the boat without our watch leaders.

Our first stop was Reevesby Island where we did team building games. After leaving the Island we set sail for Wallaroo.

It was a great experience and I learnt a lot about myself. I have become more confident and found out that I was good at steering the ship. Most of all I discovered that I really enjoy sailing!

On Thursday 19th of May we had a visit from Paul Vandenburg, Wade Thompson, Byron Picket and Amy Rogerson, who work for the Port Adelaide Football Club.

They came to Maitland Area School and talked about careers, team goals, personal goals, team building and also ran through some football drills with the students, which they found useful.

We were also lucky enough to have the Para West Adult Campus SAASTA students visit us. They are the team that Maitland SAASTA students will be joining with for the Power Cup Carnival. This gave our students the opportunity to meet their new team mates.

On the training side of things the teams are starting to take shape as they are improving on their ball skills, fitness and working more as a team.

ATASA Conference

I was recently fortunate enough to attend the biannual ATASA (Agriculture Teachers Association of South Australia) Conference held in Loxton. It was a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments in Agriculture teaching, visit a range of industries in the Riverland and also to catch up with colleagues from around the state. One fact which was repeated over and over was that Term 2 is a very busy time for school farms and Agriculture students! This has certainly been the case at Maitland Area School – we've hit the ground running and don't look like slowing down any time soon!

Year 6/7

Students have planted their vegetable seeds and look forward to their weekly lessons to check the progress of their seedlings.

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This was held on Friday May 27th at our school. The weather was kind to us as approximately 500 students from 16 schools competed.

Our students performed very well and certainly looked the part in our sports tops. We were pleased with the way they encouraged each other and their behaviour in general.

We were very lucky to have Mr Alan Bennet, who is Regional Superintendant with St Johns as our first aid officer on the day. 

The P&F, along with Bron Polgreen,  ran a fabulous canteen as did the Cougars Netball Club. There were many parent and Year 7 and 10 support personnel on hand for the day. Thanks so much to everyone involved.

Special mention must be made of the students who received certificates for winning as individuals or as part of a team in a number of divisions.

On the 25th May, the Year 10 students visited Ardrossan Areas School to attend the ‘Lemon Car’ demonstration. 

In an entertaining and informative day, students participated in many activities including changing tyres and identifying defects in a car.  Students were also taught the importance of road safety and awareness.

Picture: Year 10 Girls changing a wheel during Lemon Car at Ardrossan.

The Music Is Fun Band visited our school this week and performed in the PAC.

We were joined for the concert by students from Maitland Lutheran School, Point Pearce Primary School and Ardrossan Area School.

The band presented 90 minutes of live high quality music, with the energetci and responsive audience enjoying old children's classics such as 'The Hippopotamus Song' and contemporary pop songs such as 'Fireflies' and 'Dynamite'.

Many members of 400 strong audience also helped the band with costumes, singing and dancing.

A great performance with lots of fun and learning.

2011 sees a new group of students tackling the Certificate 1 in Rural Operations course as a part of their Agricultural Studies at MAS.

After the great success of the 2010 group (all students achieved the certificate), this year’s group have shown great enthusiasm during Term 1.

A recent highlight was a visit to Ben Wundersitz’ farm for a lesson about ‘turning rain into grain’, followed by a ride in a range of farm machines. The students even had the opportunity to drive some of the machinery and many thought it was easier to drive than the little school tractor!


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The end of term 1 Whole School Assembly was held in the PAC today.

Run by the Junior SRC, it featured musical items, awards and lots of certificates.

The Festival Choir performed an amusing from this year's program that described the annoyance felt by Fairy Tale characters at the way their lives were lived.

The Year 10/11 band performed with the Junior Choir and had the audience singing along with versions of 'Surfing USA' and 'Dynamite'.

Special guest Megan Byssenschutt presented a number of certificates to FLO students. The Mini-Chefs group also received recognition.

Miss McPharlin announced Ron Edwards as the winner of the SRC photography competiton. He recieved a $20 gift certifcate.

The Year 3-7 classes attended a moving and evocative Come Out performance of 'Steam Island' in the PAC today.

Presented by the Southern Youth Theatre Ensemble, the show's themes include inclusion, bullying and group dynamics.

Clever use was made of the performance space with digital projections helping create a steam-punk feel to Armin Greder's original story.

The young actors used mime and physical theatre effectively and the musical accompaniment was creative and imaginatively conceived.

The audience enjoyed the show and asked many questions at the end.

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