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Our combined Halloween dress-up-day and Danceathon was a huge success on Friday October 29.

Students arrived in costumes on-masse int he morning with some cute costumes such as minions and fairy-tale characters among the more horror-themed ideas.

Preparations for the danceathon had started at the beginning of the term, with students learning a dance routine to a Halloween-themed song.

The R/ 1 class learned 'Monster Mash' with Tim Tuck, the Year 2 class danced 'Thriller' with Emma Atkins, Letitia Linke gave the Year 3 (I'm a Monster) and Year 4 (Bad Blood) classes a great grounding for their songs with teachers Andrew Mills and Tim Tuck rehearsing after. Betina Davies choreographed This Is Halloween for the Year 5/6 class and the Year 7/8 class choreographed their own version of Silento - Whip Nae Nae.


The PAC was decorated with giant pumpkins, tiny pumpkins and lots and lots of lights! Year 9 students made creepy plastic tape arms and feet, pumpkin posters and gravestones. The Year 3-4 pumpkin pictures hung across the stage and the pumpkin pinata - a lolly-filled pumpkin for the best dance - took place front and centre.

Over sixty parents joined in the fun as we danced to favourites such as Ghost-busters and Everything Is Awesome and watched each class in turn perform their dance routine.

As extra entertainment the Year 5/6 class performed a special graveyard version of Danse Macabre with giant skeletons that somehow turned into the hokey pokey.

The Festival Choir also performed, singing a brand new song about Japanese ghosts from next year's musical.

The best dance was judged by the class SRC reps with the Year 3's taking first palce just ahead of the Year 7/8's.

Congratulations to all the students, staff and parents who contributed, with special thanks to Emma Atkins, Sarah Atkins and Beth hector for their help with setting up.


The P & F combined Garden Party & Open Day on Wednesday October 28 was a huge success, with more than eighty parents, friends and community members enjoying the warm weather, open classrooms and magnificent morning tea.

Visitors were greeted at the school entrances by SRC members with programmes and directions to events and classrooms.

Special lesson times were organised across the morning to showcase classroom activities, with the JP unit and secondary art room being favourites. Parents also commented on the tech display, garden designs in the library and the primary art-room artwork.

Visitors then assembled with students and staff in the Agricultural Studies garden area and enjoyed morning tea, an Ag Block tour led by Ag teacher Sarah Townsend.

SSO Ali Adams talked about the Garden to Plate programme then principal Andrew Gravestocks took the group on a tour of the school, finishing at the Performing Arts Centre.

The festival Choir, conducted by Deb Schwartz entertained the audience with selections from the Festival of Music concert.

The day finished with the judging of the best 'Garden Hat' 

Lots of thanks to the P & F for organising and promoting the day and to the staff and students who helped in so many ways.


The YP Combined Schools Concert Band travelled to Ardrossan on October 27 for the Ardrossan Area School Music Concert.

The band played several numbers as the audience entered then officially opened the concert with the 'Abba On Broadway' medley, 'Hawaii Five-o' and 'How to Train Your Dragon'.

The MAS Festival Choir then joined the Ardrossan Festival Choir to present a combined repertoire. 

Thanks as always to the dedicated staff, community members and concert band students.





The JP have eagerly embarked on the yearly transition process with a fun packed trip to the Maitland Children's Centre on Tuesday the 20th of October.  

The students enjoyed visiting their past teachers, the playground and accessing the kindy's loose parts, which saw the students using the parts to solve problems and creating new play equipment.

Then on Wednesday the 21st of October, we headed to Point Pearce School on the bus (thanks Mr Allen) and joined the JP class in creative crafts and playground fun. 

It was great to see all students interacting together as they began to learn each others names in the lead up to 2016.

 The transition process continues this week with both the Kindy and Point Pearce students visiting MAS and the JP classes.


The P & F met early on Friday October 16 to complete the planned upgrade to the school's old rose garden.

The old roses had been removed previously and the are cultivated.

New plants were sourced locally and groundsman Trevor Allen was commandeered to dig the larger holes for the trees with the post-hole digger.

With lots of helpers (both younger and old) the new plants were in with threatening rain turning into an instant garden-soaking.

Well done to all involved - the area looks a million dollars!

We finished up Term 3 with a choc-full SRC assembly in the PAC. Miss Townsend presented special certificates to all the students involved in the Royal Adelaide Show. She showed the many ribbons our animals won, both on the hoof and on the hook.

Our school chaplain Kelly had a special guest, Eldon who donated two Bibles to the school library. These were received by our prefects.

Mr Tuck told us about old-scholar Nikki Bell and her fight with the cruel disease that is Dystonia. We joined in with thousands of other people around the world to help raise awareness and all 'jumped for Dystonia'.

Mr Tuck also announced the house competition results for term 3: the Vincent Eagles by a close margin!

Mr Gravestocks closed the assembly by presenting attendance certificates and wishing us all a very safe holiday.

A HUGE 'well-done!' to all the students who performed at the Showcase Concert on Thursday September 24, you were magnificent!

We had soloists, duets, trios, choirs and (of course) the band all pumped and ready to play some amazing music.

A big shout out to students Sherida and Phillip for their stunning exam pieces for SACE Solo Performance, well done to the comperes, adult mentors, our special guests Sheree and Megan and of course our conductor Deb Schwartz.

Thank yous also go to our huge and appreciative audience; you really helped push the performers beyond the ordinary!

PS You can download our programme here.

Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder that causes continuous muscle contractions, leading to twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal postures. Dystonia can affect just one part of the body or be generalized throughout multiple muscle groups. Dystonia affects men, women, and children of all ages and backgrounds. It is the third most common movement disorder, after Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor. 

Dystonia causes varying degrees of disability and pain, from mild to severe. There is presently no cure, but multiple treatment options exist and scientists around the world are actively pursuing research toward new therapies.

To raise awareness of Dystonia in our local community, we viewed a video on Dystonia, heard of its impact on old scholar and organsied a 'Jump for Dystonia' at our SRC assembly.


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